Can My DBS Check Get Me Fired?

Can My DBS Check Get Me Fired?

Having a DBS Check can be a worry for someone who has never had one before, especially if you don’t know what information may be disclosed. You may worry, “Can my DBS check get me fired?”, but it actually depends on what type of DBS check you are getting, and if the result means you would be illegally working in a certain role. If you are new to a company and have never undertaken a DBS Check before, it is important to understand what information will be disclosed on the different DBS Checks before you start to worry, “Can my DBS Check get me fired?”

There are three types of DBS Checks, Basic, Standard and Enhanced. The Enhanced DBS check can sometimes also require a Barred List check.

Can my DBS check get me fired

What Information Is Disclosed On A DBS Check

Basic – A Basic DBS check provides a filtered list of an individual’s convictions and conditional cautions from the Police National Computer (PNC) that are considered unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974.

Standard – A Standard DBS Check shows the same as a basic DBS check, but will also show any spent convictions an individual may have.

Enhanced – Enhanced DBS Checks contain both spent and unspent convictions, plus any information the local police force considers to be relevant for disclosure.

Barred List Checks – When a Barred List check is requested, the DBS cross-references the applicant’s details with the relevant Children or Adults database. If there’s a match, the employer or organisation is alerted, and it’s illegal to appoint that person to a safeguarded role. If you have been open and honest with your (prospective) employer, then unless a previous conviction legally prevents you from working in the role, it may be at the discretion of your employer whether you can continue or take up the position.

Can my dbs check get me fired

Will My DBS Show If I was Sacked From My last job?

A DBS check will not show if you were sacked from your last job. A DBS Check usually only shows the criminal records of an individual, and a Basic and Standard DBS Check will not show information about a previous job role. An Enhanced DBS Check, can show ‘Relevant police information’ which is information that the police deem as information relevant to your role that should be disclosed. An employer could take this information into account when considering you for a job role or at the point of a new DBS Check.

What If I Am On The Barred List?

If you have been ‘barred’, this means you have been included in one or both barred lists, and have been barred from engaging in regulated activity with children, adults or both. It is a criminal offence to engage or seek to engage in regulated activity or regulated work with the group from which you are barred. If you are currently engaging in regulated activity with vulnerable groups, including children, it would be committing a criminal offence to continue to do so. The situation should be discussed with your employer as soon as possible.


As of October 28, 2023, the UK government has introduced important changes to DBS filtering rules for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates.

This includes reduced disclosure periods and specialised filtering for sexual offences. To find out more, we have compiled an article with all the information you may need.

What the Changes to DBS Filtering Rules Mean For You

Can my DBS check get me fired

Conclusion – Can My DBS Check Get Me Fired?

In conclusion, To answer the question, Can my DBS Check get me fired? The impact of a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Check on your job largely depends on the type of check and your specific circumstances. A Basic DBS Check focuses on unspent convictions, a Standard DBS Check includes both spent and unspent convictions, and an Enhanced DBS Check provides additional relevant information.

Your job history is typically not disclosed in a DBS Check. Whether a DBS Check can lead to job termination depends on your employer’s discretion and the legal aspects of your role. Being on the Barred List, however, is a serious matter, and it’s a criminal offence to engage in regulated activity if you are on the list. In such cases, prompt communication with your employer is crucial.

In short, staying informed and complying with the law is vital when dealing with the implications of a DBS Check in your professional life.

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