What Will Fail A DBS Check

A worry for many applicants when filling out a DBS application is the misconception that they will “fail” it.

When it comes to DBS checks, there is no pass or fail. The only way to fail a check is by entering incorrect information, causing the DBS to withdraw the application.

Do Convictions on A DBS Check Mean You Have Failed It?

Having a conviction appear on your DBS does not mean you have failed the check, but it may affect an employers’ recruitment decision.

The best thing an applicant can do is mention any criminal convictions before the DBS check is done. This is more likely to leave a favourable impression with the employer.

If the convictions do not relate to the position applying for, or are ‘spent’ then the employer is not allowed to discriminate against applicants with these convictions.

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What Will Fail A DBS Check – Incorrect Information

If you provide the incorrect information a DBS check, then it is more than likely going to be rejected, and withdrawn by the DBS. Even small mistakes, such as spelling mistakes in an address, can result in the application being rejected without refund.

Some of the most common mistakes that we see causing DBS checks to fail are:

  • Incorrect addresses/Not including them
  • Not disclosing previous names
  • Providing different information to a previous application

When completing a DBS application, it is well worth spending an extra 5 minutes checking it over. Incorrect DBS checks result in wasted time, and money!

Conclusion – What Will Fail A DBS Check

There is no passing or failing a DBS check. Once a DBS check is complete, it is then up to the employer to make a recruitment decision. The only way you can really fail a DBS check is by entering incorrect information, which will cause the DBS to reject and withdraw the application.

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