Can I Use A DBS From 3 Years Ago?

Introduction – Can I Use A DBS From 3 Years Ago?

We are often asked, “Can I Use A DBS From 3 Years Ago?” to answer this question simply, a DBS check doesn’t have an expiry date. It is the employers’ decision on whether a new one needs to be done.

Further Information – Can I Use A DBS From 3 Years Ago?

If the role the DBS check was completed for remains the same, and requires the same level of check, then yes, a DBS check from 3 years ago could still be used. However, this doesn’t mean that it SHOULD be used.

Employers must remember that a DBS certificate only contains information up until before it is printed. A lot can happen in three years, so there is a risk when using a DBS check from 3 years ago.

Risks Of Using a DBS From 3 Years Ago

A lot can happen in a person’s life in a month, never mind 3 years!

If someone has received a new conviction since their last DBS check, an employer may not find out about it until it is too late.

On top of this, if an individual gets barred from working with a vulnerable group, it is illegal to work alongside them.

Having a barred individual illegally work alongside a vulnerable group is guaranteed to result in serious consequences.

The DBS has also set up further guidance for employers who need DBS Checks.

DBS Checks

How Often Should I Get A New DBS

It is down up to the employer on how regularly a new DBS check should be done. However, there are some guidelines on how often you need a new DBS check, which we have written about in our When Do I Need A New DBS Check blog.

How Can I Keep My DBS Certificate Up-To-Date?

The best way of keeping your DBS Certificate up-to-date is by using the DBS Update Service. For £13 a year, it allows employers to check to see if there has been a change on the DBS certificate since it was first issued. Whilst it won’t show you what the change is, it will advise you that a new DBS application needs to be submitted.

Conclusion – Can I Use A DBS From 3 Years Ago?

In conclusion, you can use a DBS check from 3 years ago, as there is no expiry date, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

As a DBS certificate gets older, there is less chance of it being accurate. Employers should have measures in place to ensure DBS checks are being routinely carried out to ensure the protection of their staff, clients, and business.

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