Enhanced DBS Check Eligibility – Other Workforce

It’s only possible to apply for an Enhanced DBS check if the applicant’s role meets a strict set of eligibility requirements.

This will help you identify whether the position you are recruiting for falls into the “Other Workforce”, which is requested when answering No to both working with vulnerable adults and children.

These are roles which don’t specifically relate to working with children and/or adults.

Other Workforce Legislative Wording

ENHANCED level DBS certificate ONLYLegislative Wording
Individuals applying for or renewing an operating licence to run premises where gambling can take place.Legislative Wording 1
Individuals applying for or renewing a personal licence to perform the functions of a specified management office, or a specified operational function, in relation to facilities for gambling.Legislative Wording 2
Individuals applying to work for the Gambling Commission.Legislative Wording 3
Individuals applying for or renewing a licence to run the National Lottery or promote or sell tickets in relation to that lottery.Legislative Wording 4
Individuals required to be registered by the Immigration Services Commissioner to provide immigration advice or services, not in connection with criminal proceedings.Legislative Wording 5
Individuals applying for or renewing a licence to produce, supply, offer to supply, or have in their possession any controlled drug.Legislative Wording 6
Individuals applying to be a Maritime armed guard on UK ships where they can carry, acquire or transfer weapons and/or ammunitionLegislative Wording 7
Individuals applying to be employed for the purpose of national security for the following:
– in service of the Crown;
– the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
– the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA);
– the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)
Legislative Wording 8
Individuals applying for judicial appointments, such as Judges, Magistrates, Coroners or Justices of the PeaceLegislative Wording 9
Individuals applying to be employed by the Crown.Legislative Wording 10
ENHANCED DBS certificate with access to the DBS CHILDREN’S AND ADULTS’ BARRED LISTLegislative Wording
Individuals applying for or renewing a taxi or private hire vehicle licence – not taxi drivers who are entering into a contract to drive children or adultsLegislative Wording 11

Can’t find the right wording?

It’s possible that your applicant is not eligible for the level of check you’re applying for. If the application is already with the DBS, it will be rejected without refund.

If you haven’t applied yet, consider instead requesting a Basic or Standard DBS check, or continuing with an Enhanced but selecting either Children or Adult workforce. You can use the guides below to work out whether the role is an Adult Workforce role, a Children’s Workforce role, or both.

Children’s Workforce
Adult Workforce

Extra Info on Legislative Wordings for Other Workforce

These tables were sourced from the DBS’s official guide, which can be accessed in full at the link below, for a bit of extra legal detail.

Enhanced DBS Check Guidelines – Other Workforce