DBS Check For Opticians: Your Quick and Easy Guide (2 Mins)

This guide will help you decide which DBS check for opticians is the most suitable.

What Level of DBS Check is Needed for an Optometrist?

As an optometrist/optician is a healthcare professional who will be working closely with vulnerable adults and children, they are required by law to have an Enhanced DBS Check with a Children’s and Adult Barred List check.

This is because the Enhanced DBS check is the only one that provides information on those who could be included on the adult’s or children’s barred lists.

It is a criminal offence for anyone on the barred list to work with that specific group.

Who is Classed as a Vulnerable Adult?

Any person who is 18 or above and is needing care services because of a disability, age, or illness. 

Individuals are also classed as vulnerable adults if they are unable to look after themselves, protect themselves from harm and exploitation, or are unable to report abuse.

What is the Enhanced DBS Check with Barred List Check?

An Enhanced DBS Certificate contains all spent and unspent convictions, final warnings, and reprimands from the Police National Computer. It also includes any information that the local police considers relevant for disclosure. 

There is then the additional check against one or both barred lists if necessary – in this case, it would be both.

What is a Barred List Check?

There are two Barred List checks: Children’s and Adult’s. They contain the names of people who have committed offences that involve children (Children’s Barred List) and/or vulnerable adults (Adult’s Barred List). 

Anyone who is on this list can no longer work with the relevant group.

How Much Does an Enhanced DBS Check For Opticians Cost?

All Enhanced DBS checks cost a flat fee of £38 which is set by the Government, and then an admin fee on top to process it which is for the umbrella body. 

With Aaron’s Department, this admin fee will cost you a maximum of £10.95 (+VAT) depending on the number of enhanced DBS checks you are wanting to do.

The Wrap-Up

Hopefully, this guide has given you the information needed to be able to apply for a DBS check for opticians. 

To read more help and guidance surrounding DBS checks, you can do so on our help and advice page.

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