From as little as £3.97, you can get your DBS certificates for charity workers quickly, whilst being provided with the guidance and support needed to ensure everything is filled in correctly.

The charity sector, just like any business sector, requires safeguarding measures in the form of DBS checks. Charities that work with children and/or vulnerable adults are required by law to perform DBS checks to determine the suitability of their staff and volunteers.

It is often confusing for charities to determine if their staff need a DBS check, and if they do, what level of disclosure is needed. However, with our bespoke online system, you can easily get a DBS check for your charity staff and/or volunteers.

dbs checks for charities

DBS Checks For Charities - Who Needs One?

DBS Check For Volunteers


Volunteers for charities can be given a DBS Check.
If they require a Standard or Enhanced, there is no DBS fee!

DBS Checks For Charity Workers

Charity Workers

Many charity workers may require a DBS check, such as those working in a shop, helping a fundraiser, or on a telephone helpline.

Charity Trustees

Trustees who help run and govern charity organisations are usually eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check.

Depending on the role and nature of the job will decide on which level of DBS check will be needed.

For example, if a volunteer will be partaking in Regulated Activities with vulnerable adults or children, then an Enhanced DBS check with Barred List will be required. However, someone working in a charity shop may only need a Basic DBS check.

Below you can read about the Basic, Standard, and Enhanced DBS checks that are available for charities and volunteers.

Basic DBS Checks for Charities

This type of DBS check will display only the unspent convictions of the applicant.

The Basic DBS check can be done by anyone, for any purpose. For example, it can be requested as a preventive measure when making a hiring decision.

Standard DBS Check for Charities

You can only opt for a Standard DBS check via an Umbrella Body (Like Aaron’s Department) if the position falls under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions Order 1975).

A Standard DBS certificate contains a filtered list of unspent and spent convictions, final warnings and reprimands from the Police National Computer (PNC).

If you are unsure on which certificate to apply for, please ring us on +44 113 877 0171.

Enhanced DBS Check with Barred Lists For Charities

If the charity works with vulnerable groups (children and/or vulnerable adults), then its staff and volunteers will most likely require an Enhanced DBS check or Enhanced with the Barred Lists check. This depends on whether some or all, of the work is considered as a regulated activity. As well as this, the job role they are undertaking must be considered. The type of charity, or what it does, does not impact the type of check needed.

If applied for, the DBS certificate will contain additional information from the children’s and/or adult’s Barred Lists.

Not sure if you need a Barred List check? Call us on +44 113 877 0171, and we'll be happy to guide you.

Eligibility to Perform Enhanced DBS Checks for Charities

The factors that determine if the applicant is eligible for a DBS check are: how often the applicant is in contact with the children or vulnerable adults, whether the applicant is working in a specific field such as engaging in Regulated Activities with children/vulnerable adults, and the frequency of unsupervised contact that may occur.

You can only apply for an Enhanced DBS check via a DBS Umbrella Body (Like Aaron’s Department) if the position your charity is hiring for falls under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions Order 1975) and the Police Act 1977 (Criminal Records) regulations.

An Enhanced DBS certificate contains all spent and unspent convictions, final warnings, and reprimands from the Police National Computer (PNC), plus any information that the local police considers to be relevant for disclosure. If requested, an additional check on the Children’s and/or Adult’s Barred Lists can also be provided.

What If I’m Not Eligible for Higher Levels of DBS Checks?

If your staff or volunteers aren’t eligible for the higher levels of disclosures, you can always request Basic DBS checks on their behalf without any eligibility requirements.

What If I Choose a Lower Level of DBS Check when I’m Eligible for a Higher One?

Don't fall for the scammers trying to get you to apply twice! You should request the highest DBS check that you are legally allowed to request for your role or duties.

Standard and Enhanced checks are available to organisations who are eligible to ask an exempted question by law. If you select a check that isn't sufficient for the role, you may be hiring somebody without doing an appropriate level of DBS check.

Volunteers Get Free DBS Checks!

Volunteers don't pay any DBS Application Fees for Standard and Enhanced DBS checks. This means that only a small admin fee has to be paid. At Aaron's Department, this fee is between £3.97 and £6.95

What Is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who gives time, effort and talent to a need or a cause without getting any monetary gain from it.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) do not charge for Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks for charity work (volunteers). Because of this, it is important for a charity to understand the distinction between paid staff and volunteering positions.

To be considered as a volunteer, the applicant must not:

  • Be undertaking a course of study that will lead to a full-time role/qualification.
  • Benefit financially from the position.
  • Be on a work placement or in a trainee position.
  • Receive any payment except travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Be a paid foster carer or a member of a foster care household.

Paid Staff of Charities Don’t Fall Under This Rule

If your charity wants to do the DBS check on a person who is, for all intents and purposes, considered a paid worker, then you must pay both the fee for the DBS checks and the DBS Umbrella Body fees.

You can find prices for online applications, including administrative fees, on our website.

Who Will Receive the DBS Disclosure?

As of 2013, to ensure the protection of applicants against errors, both paper and online DBS certificates are only issued to the person who filled in the application form.

It is up to the applicant to decide who they are going to share the information contained in their certificate with.

Aaron's Department makes it easy for an applicant to allow a Nominated Signatory to view the result of their DBS check as soon as it is available, without the need to wait for the certificates to be printed.

If during the Disclosure check, information about the applicant is found on the PNC, then permission for the Nominated Signatory to view the outcome of the DBS check online is automatically withdrawn. It is then the applicant's decision who they share the printed certificate's contents with.

DBS Checks for Charities via Umbrella Bodies

As with any other organisation, charities fall under the same rules when it comes to DBS checks.

If a charity needs DBS checks, they need to use the services of an Umbrella Body, such as Aaron’s Department, which acts as a link between the DBS and the organisation (charity).

Why Choose Aaron's Department for Your Charities’ DBS Checks?

As an Umbrella Body, we possess a direct connection to the UK Government’s website. All DBS checks will be processed quickly thanks to our system, and the DBS Certificate will be returned promptly.

Using Aaron’s Department’s service for DBS checks for charities has major benefits, including:

Fast and free

Error-proof system that corrects mistakes as you go along

Knowledgeable and reliable customer support

No need to wait for an ID checking procedures

Our DBS Fees Are Simple, Easily Accessible and Affordable

Unlike some other companies, we do not charge or hide any annual fees and subscription plans.

Not only this, but depending on the number of DBS checks you need for your charity, we will give you free credit - the more checks you need, the bigger the discount!

Inbuilt Tracking System

Our user panel has an inbuilt tracking system which enables you to view which stage your application is at, both internally (with Aaron’s Department) and externally (with the DBS). This ensures you are given a transparent and easy-to-follow process from start to finish.

Did We Mention That Our DBS Check Results Are Returned Fast?

Our fastest result for a DBS check so far 2021 is just 1 Hour and 51 Minutes!