DBS Dental Practice Checks 2023

As stated by the Care Quality Commission, Dental Practices must consider what level of DBS dental check (formerly known as a CRB) will be required for their role.

Since they work in a healthcare setting, in which staff come into very close contact with others, especially children, it is important that the correct safeguarding measures are taken. Doing so ensures that patients can feel safe with the knowledge that the Dentist staff will take good care of them.

Because of the nature of the work, the majority of Dentistry staff should need an Enhanced DBS with Barred List check.

DBS Dental Practice Checks

Roles In Dental Settings That Require A DBS Check

Enhanced DBS Check With Barred List

DBS Checks For Dentists

As they provide healthcare to patients, including vulnerable adults and children, it is important the relevant safeguarding measures are put in place.
Therefore, they are eligible for an Enhanced DBS check with both Children’s and Vulnerable Adults Barred List check.

Enhanced DBS Check With Barred List

DBS Checks For Dental Nurses

Like Dentists, Dental Nurses or Dentist Hygienist Auxillary staff provide healthcare to others, including the more vulnerable, meaning they engage in regulated activity.
Therefore, safeguarding is essential, and they will be eligible for an Enhanced DBS with Barred List check.

Typically a Standard DBS Check

DBS Checks For Dentist Reception & Admin Staff

Other staff members are likely to come into contact with patients at the Dentist, meaning they are usually eligible for a Standard Disclosure.
However, if solely responsible for supervising children/vulnerable adults, they may require an Enhanced Disclosure.

Other, more specific Dentist roles that would require an Enhanced DBS include Implantologist, Orthodontist, Practice Manager/Co-Ordinator, Dental Hygienist, as well as Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons.

If you are unsure of which check your staff members would need, please feel free to contact us, or use our eligibility guide.

Is a DBS Check Required By Law For Roles At A Dentist?

Yes, they are mandatory by law for any employee directly working with vulnerable groups. A DBS check can also be a valuable tool to ensure your organisation does not risk tarnishing its reputation.

For a dentist, a DBS check is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, dentists have access to sensitive information such as patient medical records, which must be kept confidential. A DBS check can help to identify any potential risk of misconduct or breaches of patient confidentiality that may make an individual unsuitable for a role in dentistry.

Secondly, as with any healthcare professional, patients trust their dentists to provide safe and effective treatment. A DBS check can help to identify any previous convictions for violent or sexual offences that may indicate a risk to patient safety.

Finally, dentists may work with vulnerable groups such as children or adults with mental or physical disabilities, who may be more at risk of abuse or neglect. A DBS check can help to identify any potential risks to vulnerable patients, ensuring that they are protected from harm.

What Information Appears on a DBS Certificate?

  • Standard DBS Check

    This will show spent and unspent convictions, as well as cautions, reprimands, and police final warnings.

  • Enhanced DBS Check

    This check will show spent and unspent convictions, as well as cautions, reprimands, and police final warnings. In addition to this, any additional information that the police deem to be relevant for the job role will be included.

  • Enhanced DBS Check with Barred List

    As with the Enhanced check, it will show spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, police final warnings, as well as any other information the police believe to be relevant. As well as this, an additional check will be made to ensure the applicant isn’t included in either (or both) of the ‘Barred Lists’ (previously called ISA Barred Lists).

    Each Barred List contains details of individuals who should not work with:

    – Children
    – Adults

    If an applicant appears on this list, it is illegal for companies to employ or allow them to volunteer for this kind of work.

At What Stage In The Recruitment Process Is A DBS Check Needed for a Dentist?

For the protection of your patients, your Dental Practice should have a strict recruitment screening policy, and applying for a Disclosure and Barring Service Check (Criminal Disclosure Check) should be part of this procedure.

A DBS certificate needs to be obtained before an individual starts their employment or volunteering. The certificate will contain information on previous convictions, to enable you to identify “known” risks. The recruitment checks required are specified in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 (Schedule 3).


How Often Should A Dentist DBS Be Renewed?

There is no ‘expiry date’ for a DBS, but employers must remember that it only contains a ‘snapshot’ of the applicants’ life. Anything that has happened after the certificate is returned won’t be included, until a new check is requested.

Some authorities would recommend a new check every three years, but it is solely down to the employer.

How Much Are DBS Checks For Dentistry Roles?

Enhanced Disclosure Checks cost £38, plus a small admin fee.

If a Standard Disclosure Check is required, it will cost £18, and a small admin fee.

How Can Dentists Get A DBS Check?

Enhanced checks can only be acquired through a Registered Umbrella Body, like Aaron’s Department.

Registration with us is free and easy to do, so you can start getting your DBS checks faster than ever before.

Below, you can see some of the benefits of choosing us as your Umbrella Body for Dentist staff!

DBS Dental Practice Checks

Benefits Of Our Online System for DBS Dental Organisations

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