DBS Checks for Gyms and Leisure Centres: Information You Can Use For an Easy Application

Summer is approaching and that could mean that Leisure Centres and Gyms are welcoming more members through the door, so now might be time that more staff are needed. Of course, just because there will be new staff, it doesn’t mean that safeguarding measures go out of the window.

DBS checks for gyms and leisure centres ensure that those who attend the centres are protected, especially those who are vulnerable, which is incredibly important for employers.

So with this being said, what is the correct DBS Check level that is needed for staff working in a Leisure Centre and Gyms? Well, we’ll go into that now!

What is a DBS Check?

First of all, let’s get started with what a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is. It is a screening process to ensure that an individual is suitable for a particular line of work, and was previously known as CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checks.

dbs check for gyms

What Level of DBS Check is Needed For Gyms and Leisure Centres? 

Most people working in leisure centres and gyms will only qualify for a Basic DBS Check due to the nature of their role.

A Basic DBS check does not legally have to be requested, but doing so may help with the recruitment decision. It can help ensure there are no recent convictions that could prevent the individual in question from performing their job, whilst not putting others at risk.

However, staff who also train, supervise or teach a class of children, or even vulnerable adults, will require an Enhanced DBS Check. At leisure centres, it is much more common for staff to look after groups of children doing classes, for example, swimming.

Those staff who also carry out a role that involves regulated activity with children more than once a week or 3 (or more) times in a month will also require an Enhanced DBS Check with a Children’s Barred List check.

dbs check for lifeguard

DBS Checks for Lifeguards

Any leisure centre that has a swimming pool will, of course, need a lifeguard, but what DBS check do those lifeguards need?

As they will be working directly with children, this makes them eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with a Children’s Barred List check.

For lifeguards, the following is considered a regulated activity and therefore needing the highest level of check (if done once a week or for 3 or more times a month):

  • Observing Swimmers.
  • Assisting Swimming Lessons.
  • Performing First Aid.
  • Rescuing Swimmers in Danger of Drowning.
  • Keeping Order in the Swimming Pool and Surrounding Areas.

Supervisors responsible for maintaining records for staff performing the duties above are also eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with a check of the Children’s Barred List.

Employees who maintain personal records and details of staff, but don’t perform regulated activities, would be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check without the Children’s Barred List check.

How Much Do DBS Checks for Gyms Cost?

DBS checks are essential to many businesses and often a legal requirement, so we try to make them affordable for everyone, whilst providing an excellent service.

Our DBS check prices are as follows:
Basic DBS Check – £18 (no VAT) Application Fee + a £4.95 (+VAT) admin fee.
Standard DBS Check – £18 (no VAT) Application Fee + a £7.95 (+VAT) admin fee.
Enhanced DBS Check – £38 (no VAT) Application Fee + a £9.95 (+VAT) admin fee.
Adult First Check – £6 (no VAT) Application Fee + a £4.95 (+VAT) admin fee.

Our Volunteer DBS Check Prices
Standard Volunteer DBS Check is FREE + a £7.95 (+VAT) admin fee.
An Enhanced Volunteer DBS Check is FREE + a £9.95 (+VAT) admin fee.

These admin fees can be reduced to as little as £2.83.

Get Started Today with Aaron’s Department

If you’re running a gym/leisure centre, or are responsible for recruitment, and want to get started with DBS checks for gyms for your staff, you can do so by signing up – it only takes a few minutes!

If you’d prefer to see how the system works before you get started, then you can book a discovery demo. One of our experts will show you how the process works, tell you everything you need to know, and answer any queries you might have.

To book, simply press the button below, where you can choose a day and time to suit you.

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