Can a Self Employed Person get a DBS Check? Your Easy Guide 2022

can a self employed person get a dbs check

People who are self-employed working in certain professions still need to have a DBS Check, but they are usually requested by an organisation.

So, can a self employed person get a DBS check, and if so how do they request one? Let’s take a look.

Getting a DBS Check Whilst Being Self-Employed

There are three types of Criminal Record Check: Basic, Standard, and Enhanced. 

However, as an individual (self-employed or not), applying for your own Standard or Enhanced DBS Check is not allowed, and has to be done through the Local Authority, or a governing body, depending on the sector you are working in and if you meet the criteria.

Can a Self Employed Person get a DBS Check?

You can only obtain a Basic DBS check as an individual, and this will show all unspent convictions. The eligibility for this check is not restricted by any job role and is available to everyone.

Why Those Who Are Self-Employed Cannot Get an Enhanced DBS Check 

The reason for this is that to be able to obtain an Enhanced DBS check, you need to be directly working with vulnerable groups. The check must also be applied for by an organisation or employer as you can’t perform your own risk assessment or ID check.

If you could do an ID check on yourself, then this would make it easy for individuals to use forged and illegal documents. This is set out in the Freedom of Information Act 2012.

Apply For Your Basic DBS Check

You can apply for your Basic DBS Checks via Aaron’s Department’s Online DBS system. Our online system uses automatic error checking and keeps you updated every step of the process, providing you with support from our team of DBS experts.

When using Aaron’s Department for Basic DBS checks, you can take the stress out of the application process, whilst saving time and money!

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