Digital Right to Work Checks

Digital Right to Work Checks play an essential role in the recruitment process. They allow an employer to easily verify whether or not potential employees have the right to work in the UK.

At Aaron’s Department, you can perform Digital Right to Work checks on potential, and current, employees. Our online system means that all you have to do is request the check, and wait for the result! No messing around with paperwork or important documents, it’s all done for you.

Digital Right to Work Checks

Digital Right to Work Check Benefits

Why use Aaron’s Department for your Digital Right to Work Checks? Here are 6 quick reasons!

Fast & Convenient

Applicants can easily upload their documents to complete a Digital Right to Work Check, speeding up the recruitment process.

Safe & Secure

Your security is our priority! All our Digital checks meet the latest security standards to make sure your data is never at risk.

Comply With Guidelines

Avoid any nasty fines from accidentally hiring someone who doesn’t have the right to work in the UK.

Reduce Admin Work

Waiting for documents and checking them is a real chore. Digital checks remove the need to manually check, photocopy, and store copies of documents.

Reliable Checking

Reduce the risk of human error, and eliminate the pressure of needing to be a document checking expert! It’s much easier when you can get technology to do it for you.

Affordable Checks

ID checks play a crucial part of the pre-employment process, so we won’t charge an arm and a leg for them! On top of this, there are no hidden costs or contracts.

What Is A Right to Work Check?

A Right to Work check is when you check that a potential, employee is legally allowed to work in the UK. Legally, this must be done before the individual starts employment.

Who Needs A Right to Work Check?

All employees should undergo a Right to Work Check before they begin working! Assuming that someone has the right to work in the UK can be a costly (and illegal) assumption if you get it wrong.

When Should a Right To Work Check Be Done?

A Right to Work check must be done before an employee starts work.

How Do Digital Right To Work Checks Work?

Using Aaron’s Department for Digital Right to Work Checks means that the check is done in three simple steps:

  1. Select who needs a Right to Work check.
  2. Our system will request the applicant to upload their document(s).
  3. We’ll notify you with the result!

Reduce ID Fraud With Digital Right To Work Checks

Nowadays, it is possible to create fraudulent documents that are really convincing to the human eye. It’s not your job to be an expert in spotting fake documents, so you can’t be expected to easily spot the signs.

By using our Digital Right to Work checker, you can rest assured that you won’t be accidentally approving a fake document.

Avoid Nasty Fines

Avoiding fraud also means you can avoid unexpected fines for hiring someone who doesn’t actually have the right to work in the UK. Companies can be fined up to £20,000 for each illegal worker they are found to have employed.

Can Right To Work Checks Be Combined With Other Aaron’s Department Services?

Yes! At Aaron’s Department, we aim to make the ultimate HR Recruitment tool, meaning that all of our services seamlessly link with each other.

From your Dashboard, you can see at a glance how all the checks are going, or apply for new ones.