How To Apply For DBS Check Online (UK)

If you’re an employer or business, that needs to apply for a DBS check for their employees, then it’s important to know what you need. Requesting the wrong type of check or submitting the wrong information can lead to a delay in getting the DBS certificate, and could even require you to apply for a totally fresh application – costing you more money!

However, at Aaron’s Department, we’re committed to making sure your DBS application process is as straightforward as possible, saving you time and stress in the process!

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about how to apply for DBS check online.

How to apply for dbs check

What is a DBS Check?

Let’s get started with the basics! A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, formally known as a CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check, is basically a screening process to ensure that an individual suitable for a particular line of work.

A DBS check could be needed to ensure someone is allowed to work with vulnerable adults or children, work with sensitive data, or even just to give an employer peace of mind when making a decision regarding hiring. Of course, a DBS check can only be performed on someone with their permission.

What Types of DBS Check Are There?

Basic DBS Check – These contain details of unspent convictions or conditional cautions.

Standard DBS Check – This level shows both spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands etc.

Enhanced DBS Check – Included in this are spent and unspent cautions, reprimands etc., plus any information the local police force considers to be relevant for the job being applied for

Enhanced DBS Check With Barred List – This includes the same as the above, as well as an additional check of the Adults and/or Children’s Barred List. These lists will say whether or not the person in question is allowed to work with vulnerable adults and/or children.

Adult First Check – This can only be requested alongside an Enhanced DBS Check with Adult’s Barred List. This will bring back a result (usually within 48 hours), saying whether the candidate can start working under supervision, or if the employer needs to wait for a certificate to be issued.

How to apply for dbs check

How to Apply For DBS Check Online as an Employer

As an employer, you want a straightforward and time-efficient method to apply for your DBS checks, whether you need 1,000, 100 or 1! With our online system, you get exactly that through every stage of applying for a DBS check.

Register Your Company

Before you can apply for a DBS check, you need to register with a Registered Umbrella Body, like Aaron’s Department. You’ll just need a few, simple company details to get started.

Choose Who Fills in the DBS Application Form

Once this formality is done, you can get started with the DBS applications! We give you the option to fill out an application on their employee’s behalf, or have the employee themselves fill it out.

To fill out the application, personal information will be required, such as their name, previously known-as names and current and past addresses – nothing too hard! As well as this, some valid forms of identification are required to ensure everything matches up with official records.

Have it Checked by a Countersignatory

After the application has been completed, it needs to be doubled checked by a Countersignatory (someone who confirms it’s all correct). This person will also need to see the original ID documents, so they can confirm they are all legitimate and correct. It then gets sent off to the Disclosure and Barring Service to be processed.

You’re Done!

It really is as easy as that, and only takes a few minutes! Now you just have to wait for it to be checked by the DBS.

Getting the DBS Certificate

No matter who does the application, or how it’s done, the certificate will only be sent to the person who has had the check done on them. Under no circumstances will the certificate be sent to an employer – they will have to ask the applicant to see it. The DBS certificate is printed under very secure conditions and is posted to the applicant’s home address.

However, when using Aaron’s Department online DBS system, you as the employer can see a summary of the certificate, and whether or not you need to take a look at the certificate to see the details.

Why Use Aaron’s Department For Your Online DBS Checks?

We’ve built our online DBS system around our customers, meaning we’re able to provide a simple, straightforward application process, that helps eliminate mistakes, whilst saving you time and money.

Below are just a few ways on how we’ve made our DBS system so unique!

Automatic Error Checking

Any obvious errors on the application, just as gaps in dates, will be pointed out, allowing them to be corrected before being sent off. Implementing this has helped save time and money for many by minimising the number of applications rejected due to avoidable errors.

Email Updates

A small, yet handy feature. Our system will provide you with email updates about your application, and you will be able to see the result of the check if the certificate is clear.

With Aaron’s Department, you can rest assured you’ll be kept up-to-date at every stage.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

We’re strong believers in not having to tie customers down to get their continued support! That’s why, unlike some other providers, our online DBS application service has no nasty hidden fees or set-up fees.

Use what you want, when you want, and pay-as-you-go.

A Team of Experts

What our team of DBS experts don’t know isn’t worth knowing. With their valuable experience and friendly attitudes, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. Whenever you have a question, no matter how big or small it is, we’ll be more than happy to help out.

What Are Our Prices For DBS Checks?

DBS checks are essential to many businesses, which is why we want to make them affordable for everyone, whilst providing an excellent service.

You can find a list of our DBS prices below:
Basic DBS Check – £18 (no VAT) Application Fee + a £5.45 (+VAT) admin fee.
Standard DBS Check – £18 (no VAT) Application Fee + a £8.75 (+VAT) admin fee.
Enhanced DBS Check – £38 (no VAT) Application Fee + a £10.95 (+VAT) admin fee.
Adult First Check – £6 (no VAT) Application Fee + a £5.45 (+VAT) admin fee.

Our Volunteer DBS Check Prices
A Standard Volunteer DBS Check is FREE + a £8.75 (+VAT) admin fee.
An Enhanced Volunteer DBS Check is FREE + a £10.95 (+VAT) admin fee.

How To Apply For DBS Check Online – Want To See How It Works?

If you’d like to see the system in action before you get started, then we’d love to show you!

Simply book a discovery demo, (which can be as long as you want), where one of our experts will show you how the process works, tell you everything you need to know and answer any queries you might have.

To book, simply press the button below, and you can choose a day and time to suit you. If you’d rather speak to someone over the phone, we’re available every weekday between 9 am and 5 pm on 0113 877 0171.

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