The Perks of Using Our Online DBS Update Service

If you have considered subscribed your employees to the Online DBS Update Service, then you need to find out more about our Automatic Online DBS Update Service Checker. Our service means we do the checking FOR YOU, alerting you to any change in an employee’s criminal history immediately, and making sure that the people in your charge stay safe.

At Aaron’s Department, we’ve created a unique system that automatically checks an organisation’s employees on the DBS Update Service – DAILY. Nobody else offers this service, so why do we? And why should you consider it?

We’ll go over the perks of using our Automatic Online DBS Update Service Checker, so you can see how we can help your company use your time wisely.

What Is The DBS Update Service?

The DBS online Update Service lets employers check their applicant’s DBS certificate online, and carry out regular status checks, with the individual’s consent. We have a further informative article about the DBS Update service here. What Is The DBS Update Service?

Online Automatic DBS Service tracker

Automatic Updates & Notifications – Set Up and Forget About It!

So what comes next? Without our system, you would have to check your staff’s Update Service accounts monthly/weekly/However often it has been agreed. With our Online DBS Update Service Checker, you can get on with the more important work. You’ll receive a notification as soon as we detect a change in any of your employees’ DBS statuses.

Daily Update Service Checks – Safeguarding

There are no legal guidelines as to how frequently you should check your staff on the Update Service, but the more often, the better – and it doesn’t get any better than checking daily. These daily checks are something to be proud of, showing that your organisation takes safeguarding seriously. You will be alerted to any change in an employees’ status immediately, protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults from any potential harm.

Fully Automatic Checking

Our Online DBS Update Service Checker is fully automatic. Once you’ve signed your employees up for it, they’ll be checked every single day, with zero input or effort needed from you.

Add Employees as Soon as Their DBS is Complete

If you get your DBS checks through Aaron’s Department, you’ll be prompted to add each employee to the Update Service (along with our Online DBS Update Service Checker, which is optional). This way, you needn’t worry about missing the 30-day cut-off point for applying for the Update Service.

Employees Already On The Update Service?

If your staff are already registered on the Update Service, or if their DBS application was done through a different Umbrella Body, we don’t mind. All we need is a handful of details, and we’ll be able to add the employee to our Online DBS Update Service Checker, no problem. Our DBS Update Service page for employers, Automatic DBS Update Service Checking For Employers can also give you more information on how this is managed.

Online Automatic DBS Service tracker

Simple Set-Up

Just like the rest of our services, we’ve designed our Online DBS Update Service Checker to make it as quick and easy to use. It’s possible to add applicants to the Update Service in a matter of seconds.

No More Manual Checks

We’ve touched on it already, but removing the need for manual checks is one of the most important benefit of using our Online DBS Update Service Checker.

This is how the DBS Update Service works by default:

The DBS Update checker shows you whether there have been any changes to your employee’s DBS checks (which means they need a new one doing), but it’ll only show you if you manually log into that employee’s account and take a look for yourself. This ought to be done regularly to maintain legal compliance – after all, it’s no use paying for the Update Service if it’s going unchecked.

This can be a really annoying and time-consuming job, especially if your organisation has a lot of staff. It’s repetitive, can take a long time, and doesn’t add any value to your organisation. Using our Online DBS Update Service Checker, you can tick “check the Update Service” off your to-do list forever.

Online DBS Update Service Checker

The Perks of Using Our Online DBS Update Service Checker – A Summary

If you’re looking to save time (and, therefore, money!), integrate staff with different checks in different places into one system, or show how seriously you take your organisation’s safeguarding principles to your customers – then our Automatic system is the one for you.

For just £1 a month, per member of staff on the Update Service, you can take advantage of all of these perks, streamlining and safeguarding your organisation.

If you’re interested and want to find out more, just give us a call on 0113 877 0171, or drop us an email at We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We also have a new, informative article with further information on how the online DBS Update service and our Automatic Update Service Checker can revolutionise the way you do DBS Checks. The Future of DBS Compliance: DBS Online Update Service + Aaron’s Department Automatic Service Check

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