What is a DBS Online Account?

What is a DBS online account?

The DBS online account is an online government service with a number of features, available to those with a Basic DBS check or Barred List checks. The government website, which we’ll link here, contains lots of information about setting up an account, but isn’t too clear on what you can actually use it for! This is something we hope to clear up in this article.


We’ll be discussing DBS checks and the barred lists quite a bit, so first, we’ll quickly explain what we mean by those terms:

A DBS check, or Disclosure and Barring Service check, is a process that checks an individual’s criminal record and other relevant information to see if they pose a risk to vulnerable groups. The DBS is a UK government body that offers criminal record checks for employers and volunteer organizations. For more information about DBS checks, take a look at our article ‘what is a DBS check?’

The barred lists contain the details of those who are forbidden from working with children and/or vulnerable adults. A barred list check can be applied for as an optional extra with Enhanced DBS checks, providing certain requirements are met. For more information about the barred lists, we’ve linked our article about the barred lists here.

What is a DBS Online Account used for: Basic Checks

Users with a Basic DBS check can view their DBS certificate online using their DBS online account. This is useful because it allows applicants who applied for a check for themselves to view their certificate online, which is something only employers who’ve requested a check on an employees’ behalf can do otherwise.

What is a DBS Online Account used for: Barred Lists

Users on either of the two barred lists can use their DBS online account as a method of correspondence with the DBS. This is highly recommended, as it’s cheaper and faster than alternative methods of communication.

For those on the barred lists, the DBS online account is crucial in accessing information relating to the appeals process.

As well as this, it can be used to safely and securely send the DBS relevant documentation.


The DBS online account is a useful tool to track and view your own Basic DBS check, and has a variety of important uses for those on the barred lists. Most importantly, it is a quick and easy way to communicate directly with the DBS.

A Bit About Us

We hope we’ve answered any questions you may have on the topic. DBS online accounts are free, and are a government service, so nothing to do with us here at Aaron’s Department. But if you happen to need some DBS checks for your staff, then you’re in the right place!

Aaron’s Department is an Umbrella Body, a company authorised by the Disclosure & barring Service to process DBS check applications. Take a look at our ‘DBS checks for employers’ page, linked here for more information about what we do.

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