Do Contractors Working in Care Homes Need A DBS Check?

Do Contractors Working in Care Homes Need A DBS Check?

To answer the question, “Do contractors working in care homes need a DBS Check?” – yes, contractors working in care homes typically need an Enhanced DBS check. This is because care homes are considered to be “regulated activity” environments, and individuals working in these environments must undergo an Enhanced DBS check.

The frequency of work is a key factor in determining whether a contractor needs a DBS check. The government eligibility checker states that if a contractor expects to work in any care home at least three times within a 30-day period, once overnight or at least once a week on an ongoing basis, they would typically be eligible for an Enhanced DBS check.

Contractors working in care homes

I Am A Self-Employed Contractor Working In Care Homes, Can I Get A DBS Check?

Individual contractors and self-employed people cannot apply for their own Standard or Enhanced DBS checks; only a company or organisation can apply for these DBS applications. However, contractors can contact the care home they’ll be working at to request a check on their behalf, or the company/agency they are contracting for, if necessary.

Why Are DBS Checks Important For Contractors Working In Care Homes?

DBS checks are important for contractors working in care homes because they help to protect the safety and well-being of residents. Care home residents are often Vulnerable Adults, and it is important to ensure that those working around them have a clean criminal record.

DBS checks can help to identify individuals who may pose a risk to care home residents. For example, an Enhanced DBS check will reveal whether an individual has any convictions for abuse, neglect or violence, or for other offences that could make them unsuitable to work in a care home environment.

Contractors working in care homes

ConclusionContractors Working In Care Homes

DBS checks are an essential part of safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in care homes. Contractors working in care homes should be prepared to undergo an Enhanced DBS check, and should co-operate with care homes and organisations to ensure that the appropriate check is conducted.

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