Why Is a DBS Check Online Better Than Paper Applications?

In 2023, a DBS check online was by far the most commonly used method to obtain a DBS Certificate (formerly CRB). However, the traditional paper DBS application route is still used by some people. A paper DBS check is still allowed by the DBS and some people prefer the feel of pen on paper, but what are the pro’s and cons of doing a DBS Check online V a paper application form?

Which way is better?

In this blog, we’ll look at both DBS check online applications and paper applications, and discuss which is the better option for employers who are applying for their DBS checks!

Before we do, let’s have a brief look at what both methods of DBS application consist of.

How Aaron’s Department DBS Check Online Applications Work

  1. Log in to your online account.
  2. Fill out, confirm and send the DBS application form to us electronically.
  3. We (as the Umbrella Body) will then check the form, and if nothing is wrong, we will send it off to the DBS online.
  4. As soon as the DBS have completed their check, you will receive a notification online, and the DBS certificate will be sent to you via post.

How Traditional Paper DBS Applications Work

Once you’ve registered with an Umbrella Body, you will:

  1. Request a paper application, which will be sent out in the post.
  2. Fill in the application (hoping there aren’t any mistakes).
  3. Send it back in the post.
  4. Once the Umbrella Body has received it, they will check over it.
  5. If there are any mistakes, they will get in touch with you.
  6. Once they’re happy with it, they will send the application off to the DBS.
  7. After received, the DBS will check over the form. If there are any issues, it may be sent back, and the process could start all over again.
  8. When the check is complete, the DBS certificate will be sent to you in the post.
DBS Check Online

DBS Check Online vs Paper DBS Application

When applying for a DBS check online, you can instantly edit any mistakes as you go along, without the messy crossings out, and more importantly, you don’t have to worry about losing the application in transit.

Of course, these aren’t the only benefits of doing your DBS check online. Let’s have a look at some more reasons.

(Quick disclaimer, all benefits talked about will relate to what we, Aaron’s Department, can offer you when applying for a DBS check online.)

Check As You Go – Automatic Error Finder

With our online DBS system, we have incorporated an automatic error-checking system, that does exactly that. It checks the errors as you go, giving you warnings when you input something incorrectly. You don’t get that with a paper application form.

From leaving gaps between living addresses to simple mistakes such as forgetting to fill out a section in the form, our system will ensure that the majority of common errors are ironed out.

Not only does this help you understand the application for future use, it means you don’t have to wait for someone to tell you something you could have easily fixed there and then!

Our Team Receives, Checks and Sends it off the Same Day

As mentioned, one of the best parts about applying for a DBS check online is that there’s no post involved! When you’ve completed your form, simply submit, and we receive it instantly.

Not only can you save yourself money on postage, if you submit it to us before 4 PM, we give it the once-over with a human eye and get it sent off the same day. That’s much better than paying Royal Mail for next-day delivery!

If there are any errors that one of our experts notices, they’ll do their best to amend it, and if not, they’ll get it in touch with you as soon as possible. Then you can simply edit it online, and have it done there and then. Again, all completed without the need for posting back and forth.

It’s Better For The Environment!

No paper or fuel is needed when you get your DBS check online. It may only be a small victory in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the small things which add up.

DBS Check Online

Keep Updated During Every Step 

Nobody likes being left in the dark, which is why we keep you and your applicants up-to-date when you use our Online DBS service. You can find out more about this service here. Online DBS Service 

As soon as you put your DBS application in the post, you are never really sure where it is, if it’s been received, or if the DBS certificate is on its way back.

There are 5 stages to a DBS check, shown here on this flow chart below.

dbs check online

With our DBS check online system, as your application moves through the stages, you’ll be notified via email, and you can also view the stage on your online portal.

It’s never been easier to get your staff into work quickly!

Save Money, As Well As Time!

It’s not just time you save when you use an online DBS service like Aaron’s Department, it’s money too!

As if saving postage money wasn’t enough, we offer competitive low fees when you process an application through us.

As for the cost of the DBS application fee, we only charge you exactly what the Disclosure and Barring Service charges. We don’t inflate the cost.

For further reading on applying for a DBS Check, Why not read our article about what to consider when applying for a DBS Check. Important Things To Consider When Applying For A DBS Check.

Conclusion: A DBS Check Online Is Designed To Make Your Life Easier!

In conclusion, there are several reasons why getting a DBS check online is better than doing it by a paper application. Firstly, applying for a DBS check online is much faster than a paper application. The process is automated, and the results are usually available within a matter of days, whereas a paper application can take several weeks or even months. Secondly, a DBS check online is much more convenient for both the applicant and the employer. The applicant can complete the application from the comfort of their own home, and the employer can easily access the results online. This saves time and money for both parties.

Finally, a DBS check online is more secure than a paper application. The information is encrypted and protected by secure servers, making it much harder for unauthorised individuals to access the information. Overall, the benefits of getting a DBS check online far outweigh the traditional paper application method.

At Aaron’s Department, we do understand that some people prefer the paper method, which is why we still offer both methods of getting a DBS check. However, if you’ve not converted to the ways of the DBS check online, we’d love to show you why it can benefit yourself as an employer, and as an individual.

We offer demos of our DBS check online application process, which can be as long, or short, as you want! If you’d like to book one, you can do so by visiting our demo booking page to find out more. Book A Demonstration.

If you have any questions about getting DBS online checks as an employer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the bottom of the page.

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