What DBS Check Do I Need To Work In A School?

What DBS Check Do I Need To Work In A School?

To work in a school, or other ‘Specified Place’, Ofsted requirements state that you require an Enhanced DBS check. An Enhanced DBS check is an essential requirement for anyone working in a school as a member of staff or in a voluntary or contract role.

It is also likely that you will require a Barred List check, but we’ll get on to that later.

What Is A ‘Specified Place’?

Also known as the ‘limited range of establishments’, a Specified Place is a group of institutions as set out by the government. If an individual is working at one of these institutions and meets the required hours of work, then they will have to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check. 

Specified Places include:

  • Schools and pupil referral units
  • Nursery schools
  • Detention institutions for children
  • Children’s homes
  • Child centres
  • Childcare premises

Work taking place in any Specified Place requires an Enhanced DBS check. Whether a Barred List check is also required depends on the frequency, of which an applicant must be working at a specified place to obtain an Enhanced DBS Check with the Children’s Barred List

The frequency eligibility is as follows:

  • Working one or more days a week or working more than three days within a month (30-day) period. 
  • Working overnight (2 am – 6 am) where an individual may find themselves interacting with children. 
What dbs check do I need to work in a school

What Is The Children’s Barred List Check?

In addition to the Enhanced DBS check, applicants undertaking ‘Regulated Activity‘ must also undergo a Children’s Barred List check. This check verifies if an individual has been barred from working with children.

These checks are necessary to ensure that someone working in a school is eligible to carry out regulated activity, such as teaching, instructing, caring for, or simply being around children unsupervised.

For further information on DBS Check eligibility for people working in schools, we have compiled an article that will help you with any other questions you may have. DBS Checks For Teachers.

Further Reading

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