DBS Checks for Career Advisors

It is required by law to get DBS checks for Career Advisors, but the level will depend on who they will be working with.

Working with Under 18s

If the applicant will be working with people under 18, then they will require an Enhanced DBS Check

What Does an Enhanced DBS Check Show?

Enhanced DBS checks show a history of all spent and unspent convictions, final warnings, reprimands, as well as any information that the local police consider relevant for disclosure.

Working with Over 18s

However, if they will be working with people who are over 18, they will only need a Basic DBS check.

What Does a Basic DBS Check Show?

A Basic DBS check will show any unspent criminal convictions, cautions, and reprimands.

If there are any of these on the applicant’s check, you will be able to see them when viewing the certificate.  

How Can Employers Get DBS Checks For Career Advisors?

With Aaron’s Department, getting DBS checks for career advisors couldn’t be easier.

Our easy-to-use, online DBS checking service allows you to get your staff to work faster than ever before.

You can read more about it on our Employer page, or to get started right away, use the sign-up button below.

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