DBS Checks for Lifeguards – Updated 2024

Should you get DBS checks for Lifeguards? Do you NEED DBS checks for Lifeguards? According to Government guidelines, people who are working as a Lifeguard are required to have an Enhanced DBS Check due to the close contact they may have with the public. Lifeguards can come into contact with children or vulnerable adults in an unsupervised setting, therefore do require an Enhanced DBS check.

What Does an Enhanced DBS Check Show?

An enhanced DBS check will show a history of all spent and unspent convictions, final warnings as well as any reprimands.

If the person receiving the DBS check has any of these, they will show up on the certificate.

You as an employer can then make an informed decision and decide if you want to hire, based on the returned DBS check result.

How Employers Can Get Enhanced DBS Checks For Lifeguards

With Aaron’s Department, getting an Enhanced DBS check for Lifeguards couldn’t be easier. 

Our online DBS checking service allows you to get your lifeguards to work faster than ever before.

You can read more about it on our Employer page, or to get started right away, use the Find Out More button below.  

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