DBS Checks For Under 18s

Many roles legally require a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check, mainly those that involve working with Vulnerable Adults and Children.

With that said then, can people get DBS checks for under 18s, and do they actually need one? This blog covers just that!

DBS Checks For Under 18s – Previous Legislation Changes

Before we can dive into this, it’s important to know the history of legislation changes surrounding DBS checks for under 18s.

In 2012, the UK Legislation surrounding background checking for under 18s changed.

If you have previous experience with CRB checks, the old style of a DBS check, then you may be familiar with this.

Pre-2012 Legislation

In the years before 2012, children as young as 13 were able to complete a DBS check, which was necessary for young people to work or volunteer with vulnerable people.

This was due to the criminal responsibility age being 10 years old. Children aged 13 to 15 could have had a criminal record, something which could have stopped them from working with those vulnerable groups.

Post-2012 Legislation

Now, the above is not the case!

Since the Government made changes in 2012, which raised the minimum age that someone can request a DBS check to 16 years old, people under this age are no longer able to request one.

DBS Checks for under 18s

DBS Checks for 16-Year-Olds

Children in England can leave school at 16 (but they must stay in a type of education or formal training such as an apprenticeship or further education until they are 18 years old).

Because of this, they are able to do part-time work or volunteer in a role that involves working with under 18s or vulnerable adults, meaning they might need to apply for a DBS check.

Sometimes people aged 16 and above are also required to get a DBS check if they are members of a foster care household.

Process for DBS Checks For Under 18s

The process for DBS checks for under 18s is the same as for those over 18. This is also reflected in the price of the check, and how long they will take to complete on average.

Because the majority of under 18s won’t have utility bills in their name and cannot have a mobile phone contract, providing documents can be tricker.

However, there are methods for providing appropriate documents, such as a:

  • Passport or Birth Certificate as a form of ID.
  • Letter from a teacher or principal of a college to process the application.

For a full list of documents which can be used, you can view our guide of documents that can be used to prove your identity for DBS checks.

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