DBS Check for Schools and Education (2023)

A DBS check for schools and further education provide an essential safeguarding tool to ensure the safety of children.

At Aaron’s Department, we process all DBS checks for schools the same day (when submitted before 4pm), so you can get your staff into work quicker.

DBS Check For Schools

Everything You Need To Know
DBS Checks For School and Further Education

Below is everything you need to know about getting a DBS check for school staff with Aaron’s Department, at a glance!

Enhanced DBS With Barred List

Usually, staff working with children will need an Enhanced DBS Check with Children’s Barred List.
You can see a more detailed breakdown of every role further below.

Fast DBS Results

We process and send all DBS checks the same day (when received before 4pm).

On top of this, our application form can be completed in just a few minutes!

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There are no nasty shocks when you sign up with us!

No registration fees or minimum checks are required – just use what you want, when you want.

Enhanced Checks From £43.69

You won’t find a better service at a cheaper price!

DBS checks are essential in safeguarding, so we believe they should be affordable!

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Our system incorporates a built-in tracking service and automatic email updates.

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What Do You Want To Know More About?

DBS Check for Schools

This section will go over everything you need to know about a DBS Check for Schools.

Why Are DBS Checks For Schools Needed?

DBS Checks are required for schools, as OFSTED (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) states that schools must have DBS checks for their staff.

Undertaking DBS checks is necessary for safety in education settings, making sure anyone who is unsuitable to work with, or alongside children is unable to. 

Do Teachers Need DBS Checks?

Yes, Teachers definitely need to have a DBS check, and you will also need a DBS check if you are a teaching assistant, volunteer teacher or supply teacher.

What DBS Check Do Teachers Need?

Teachers will need DBS checks and will require Enhanced DBS checks with Barred List as they take part in regulated activity.

What is Classified as Regulated Activity with Children?

Some examples of regulated activity with children that occur in schools include:

  • Responsibility for teaching, training and instructing.
  • Providing advice and guidance on well-being.
  • Driving a vehicle only for children.
  • Unsupervised contact with children.
  • Personal care (helping children due to illness or disability).

For more information on regulated activity, you can read our DBS Regulated Activity – 5 Things You Should Know article.

DBS Check for Schools By Position

Enhanced DBS Check With Barred List

DBS Checks For Teachers

Teachers and assistants that work in schools must have an Enhanced DBS check with Children’s Barred List.
This is to ensure they are legally allowed to engage in Regulated Activities with children and teenagers.

Enhanced DBS Check With Barred List

DBS Checks For Supply Teachers

Just like a permanent teacher, supply staff will still need the Enhanced with Children’s Barred List check as they will be teaching and engaging with children.
As a result, they have to go through the same safeguarding measures.

Usually, an Enhanced DBS Check With Barred List

DBS Checks For Cleaners

If working during term times, cleaners will need the enhanced check the majority of the time. Even if they are working outside of school hours, there’s still a chance they could encounter children during after school activities.

Usually, an Enhanced DBS Check With Barred List

DBS Checks For Lunch Staff

Lunch staff, whether supervising or giving food, will be working alongside children and forming relationships with them every day. Because of this, it is important to ensure they are not on the Children’s Barred List.

Depending on When They’re Working

DBS Checks For Contractors Working in Schools

The main criteria for needing the Enhanced with Barred List check is whether they will be around children during their work, for example, during the school term.
If not, then they may not require the Enhanced DBS check.

Enhanced DBS Check With Barred List

DBS Checks For Volunteers in Schools

No matter their role, if they’re regularly around children, they will need the Enhanced DBS check
If not paid, volunteers could qualify for a free DBS check!

How Often Should DBS Checks Be Renewed in Schools?

There is no legal requirement to regularly acquire new DBS checks for existing staff, although some schools do get new checks, usually every 2–3 years. 

How Much is a DBS Check for Schools?

For a Teacher or teaching assistant working in a school, the DBS check cost will be £38 for an Enhanced DBS Check with Children’s Barred List, with an additional small administration fee. 

Do Volunteers in Schools Need a DBS Check?

Yes. Just like a paid working position, volunteers require the same checks, and the level would depend on the role carried out. The only difference is that that only the admin fee will need to be paid. We have more on volunteer DBS Checks here.  Volunteer DBS Checks

Do Teachers And Other School Staff Need A New Check When Moving From One School To Another?

It is the school’s responsibility to decide whether the previously completed DBS check is correct, and acceptable, for the new position.

If the person in question is moving schools and their previous DBS check was done over a year ago, it is strongly advised to carry out a new one.

How Long Does a DBS Check for Schools Take?

The time for processing the DBS check depends on the type of check required and the details being checked, but on average, they take around 5-7 working days. 

Why This Timeframe?

Since the most common DBS request for schools is an Enhanced with Barred List, it goes through 5 different stages, which you can read about by visiting our Enhanced DBS Check page.

The most suitable DBS check for employees in the education sector is the Enhanced DBS check with Barred Lists information, which is the most detailed type of DBS check.

Aaron’s Department’s DBS check processing system is connected directly to the UK Government’s Gateway and the Certificates are issued quickly.

DBS Check Table

How Long Does a DBS Certificate Remain Valid?

DBS Check Certificates have no official expiry date, but rather provide an up-to-date look at the history until the date of print.  The check itself checks information from the criminal records which happened before the moment of applying, with nothing that occurs after the print date being on the DBS Certificate, until a new check is performed.

Are DBS Checks Transferable Between Schools?

If the employee has been previously checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service, there is no legal requirement, to request a new DBS check before starting to work in another school.

However, the school that offers the job position has to ask for evidence that there has been a check performed from the previous school or supply agency, and it is their responsibility to assess and decide whether the check is at the correct level for the offered position. Many schools will request a new check to get the latest, most up-to-date information on new members of staff. 

What Is The DBS Update Service?

The DBS Update Service is an official DBS online service which allows employers to check whether there have been any changes to their employees’ Standard or Enhanced DBS certificates. This means employers only have to pay for new checks if there’s been a change to an employee’s record, as opposed to having to pay for regular checks.

Aaron’s Department provides an exclusive service that automatically checks to see if there have been any changes to an individual’s certificate,

All you have to do is select who you want to have on the DBS Update Service, and we’ll start checking them daily for you. It really is as simple as that! You can find out more by calling us on 0113 877 0171 or start to register employees via the link below.

(Please note: To register someone on the online DBS Update Service, a DBS Certificate must have been issued within the last 30 days).

How Schools and Teachers Can Benefit From Our Online DBS System

DBS Results Returned Quickly

Whether you’re a teacher, cleaner, or volunteer, you don’t have to wait around for your DBS check!
We process and send off all DBS checks the same day when received before 4pm.

Complete The DBS Application Anywhere

From the classroom to the applicant’s home, our online system can be accessed wherever is most convenient.

Low Cost, Affordable DBS Checks

Nobody should over-pay for their DBS checks, especially when they play such a crucial in safeguarding children. Our admin fees start from as little as £5.00.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

No nasty shocks when you sign up with us! No registration fees or minimum checks required – just use what you want, when you want.

Built-in Tracking System

Our system incorporates a built-in tracking service and automatic email updates which allows you to keep track of the status of your application(s), showing you which stage it is at.

Dedicated Customer Support

No matter your question, big or small, our experienced team will be happy to help! Simply give us a call, or drop an email, and we’ll help you however we can.

DBS Checks for Self-Employed Teachers

Self-employed teachers (working with children) cannot apply for a Standard or Enhanced DBS check themselves. Instead, they must apply for DBS checks through agencies/associations that can ask exempted questions.

Basic DBS Check for Schools

A Basic DBS check can be requested by anyone for any position without any restrictions. However, when doing a DBS check for schools, it is unlikely to be appropriate, especially when working regularly at the school. In such cases, an Enhanced DBS check (possibly with Barred Lists) should be requested.

Standard DBS Check for Schools

The Standard DBS check for schools contains a filtered list of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings. Whilst it is more detailed than a Basic DBS check, it still might not be suitable for employers in the education sector, depending on whether the position directly involves working with children.

Enhanced DBS Check for Schools

The Enhanced DBS check includes all information included in the Standard DBS check, plus the addition of local police information. If the position requires it, a check on the Children’s and/or Adult’s barred lists will also be carried out.

Enhanced DBS Check for Schools with Barred List

The Enhanced DBS check for schools with Barred Lists information includes all the information of the checks listed above, plus an additional check on the Children’s and/or Adult’s Barred Lists.

Most of the job positions in the education sector include caring and being responsible for children directly. For these kinds of job roles, the Enhanced DBS check is the most suitable. If the job position includes school staff who are not directly working with children, then you can opt for Standard or a Basic DBS check, depending on the activities performed.

What is a Barred List Check?

The Barred Lists (both Adults’ or Children’s) contain information on whether an individual is barred or not from working with vulnerable adults or children.

Individuals can be checked against one or both of the lists, depending on the job position offered. This job position must be included in the ROA 1974 (Exception) Order 1975 and in the Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records).

What is the Children’s Barred List Check?

The Children’s Barred List Check, ensures that individuals who have been barred from working with children cannot by checking if they are on the list.

It is required for applicants who would be teaching, training or supervising children and job positions such as teachers, tutors and teaching assistants.

When is a Children’s Barred List Needed?
If the job position is defined as a regulated activity with children under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, then the applicant can be checked against the Children’s Barred List.

The Children’s Barred List is a replacement for List 99, POCA (Protection of Children Act) and disqualification orders. It is a quick way to find out if the applicant is barred from working with children.

DBS Checks For Schools

DBS Checks for Universities

When working for a University, either as a lecturer, IT Technician, or even just a cleaner, you’ll be around students of all ages – but what does that mean for the type of DBS check you may need?

Do University Staff Require DBS Checks?

In normal circumstances, university staff, such as lecturers and those mentioned earlier, do not meet the requirements for a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check, so a Basic DBS Check would be the highest available.

What’s the Reason for this?

Those attending University are over 18 in the UK, which means they are not classed as a child. However, this does not mean that a University cannot carry out a Basic DBS check to see any unspent convictions the potential staff members may have. Doing this can help give everyone peace of mind that they can trust those they hire to work with and help others, without any unspent convictions affecting them.

DBS Checks for Further Education College

For FE (Further Education) Colleges, staff working with students over 18 years old do not need a Standard or Enhanced DBS checks.

This is because their job position would not fall within the ‘regulated activity’ guidelines and definition unless they are working with students that have disabilities.

DBS check for schools

Apply for a DBS Check for Schools with Aaron’s Department

Aaron’s Department online system makes applying for an Enhanced DBS check online easier, and quicker, than ever before.

Automatic Error Checking System

Applications are rejected by the DBS, even for the simplest mistakes. However, you won’t have to worry about this if you use our online system, as it has an inbuilt error checking system. Any mistakes or problems can be resolved before they cause an issue.

Built-in Tracking System

Our system incorporates a built-in tracking service that allows you to keep up to date with the status of your application(s), showing you which stage it is at. On top of this, you can also receive email updates which will notify you as the DBS application moves through the stages.

Fast, Reliable Service

At Aaron’s Department, we pride ourselves on quick returns. We process all applications within 24 hours of receiving them, in which they are then sent off to the DBS, error-free.