DBS Services Offered by Aaron’s Department

Introduction: What DBS Services Do We Offer?

In today’s world, ensuring safety and trustworthiness within a workplace is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to roles involving vulnerable adults and children. Here at Aaron’s Department, we are a leading provider of DBS services, and offer a range of solutions to expedite and streamline the application process. Let us explore the key DBS services we provide, including the Fast Track service, our simple to navigate online application section, and the Update Service.

Fast Track Service As Standard: Accelerating the DBS Process

When time is of the essence, our Fast Track service comes to the rescue. Our fast track service expedites the vetting process, providing quicker results to organisations in urgent need of DBS checks AS STANDARD. Our Fast Track service ensures that essential checks are performed promptly without compromising on quality or accuracy. By reducing the waiting time, this service enables employers to make informed decisions promptly and fill crucial positions without unnecessary delays. We guarantee that if we receive your application before 4pm, we will process it the same day.

Online Application Section: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Here at Aaron’s Department, we recognise the importance of efficiency and convenience in this digital age. Our user-friendly online application section allows individuals and organisations to complete DBS checks remotely, eliminating the need for paper forms and in-person visits. This streamlined process simplifies the application procedure, saving time and resources for both applicants and employers. We can also eliminate any inadvertent errors that may happen by checking the application before it is processed and spotting any mistakes you may have missed. We can return it to you for any changes that may need to be made, avoiding the risk of the check being rejected.

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The online application section guides applicants step-by-step, ensuring they provide accurate information and necessary documents. This transparency fosters trust and eliminates anxiety associated with waiting for results. Additionally, the online platform offers secure data transmission and storage, adhering to the highest standards of data protection. As DBS Services providers, we can be with you every step of the way online. We also offer a free tracking service for your checks so you know what stage a check is at currently.

Update Services: Maintaining Ongoing Checks For Your Staff

In a rapidly evolving world, staying up-to-date with background information is crucial for organisations. Here at Aaron’s Department, we recognise this need and offer an update services. This service enable employers to ensure ongoing compliance and monitor any changes that might affect an individual’s suitability or eligibility for their role.

The update services provide regular checks and notifications regarding changes in an individual’s DBS status, including new criminal records or alterations to existing ones. This proactive approach helps organisations mitigate potential risks and make informed decisions regarding the continued suitability of their employees or volunteers. By offering peace of mind and an ongoing commitment to safeguarding, our DBS services help organisations maintain a secure and trustworthy environment.


We are a trusted provider of DBS services, offering efficient solutions to streamline the vetting and hiring process. With a Fast Track service as standard that ensures prompt checks for urgent roles, our online application section provides convenience and means that there are no delays in the application process. Our update services helps organisations maintain compliance by monitoring changes in an individuals’ DBS status.

With a commitment to efficiency and transparency, our DBS Services continue to create safer environments and build trust within the workplace, not only for children and vulnerable adults but for other staff members within the work setting. Our use of advanced technology and expertise ensures accessibility and reliability throughout the DBS process. By partnering with Aaron’s Department, you can make informed decisions, safeguard vulnerable individuals, and uphold integrity.

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