How to Get an Enhanced DBS Check Online in 2024

When it comes to recruiting new employees, ensuring a safe and trustworthy workforce is paramount. That’s where Enhanced DBS checks come into play. Previously, obtaining a large volume of Enhanced DBS checks could be a time-consuming and tedious task, but thanks to advancements in technology, you can now complete the process conveniently online. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps required to get an Enhanced DBS check online effortlessly, saving you time, energy, and resources.

What is an Enhanced DBS Check?

An Enhanced DBS check is a thorough background check conducted by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in England and Wales. It provides employers with essential information about an individual’s criminal history, safeguarding their organisation and ensuring they make informed hiring decisions.

Enhanced DBS check online

Why Get an Enhanced DBS Check Online?

Traditionally, applying for an Enhanced DBS check involved filling out lengthy paperwork, mailing it, and waiting for the results to be sent back. However, the digital era has transformed this process, making it faster, more efficient, and accessible from the comfort of your own home or office. Opting for an Enhanced DBS check online offers several advantages:

Convenience: Applying for an Enhanced DBS check online eliminates the need for paper forms, postal services (and postal costs!), and additional administrative tasks. You can complete the process from any location with an internet connection, saving you valuable time.

Speed: Online applications tend to be processed much faster than their offline counterparts. By applying for your Enhanced DBS check online, you can receive the results faster, enabling you to make timely recruitment decisions.

Accuracy: Digital applications reduce the chances of errors or missing information. Aaron’s Department’s digital application form can detect mistakes and omissions while the user is applying, giving them the chance to correct anything before sending the form out. This minimises the risk of needing to resubmit the form, causing delays and wasting money on failed applications.

Enhanced dbs check online

How to Get an Enhanced DBS Check Online

It is worth noting that it is not possible for an individual to request an Enhanced DBS check for themselves. It must be requested by their employer on the individual’s behalf. There are exceptions here – for self-employed workers, it is possible to apply for one with the help of your sector’s regulatory body, or a local council. Click to read our guide to getting an Enhanced DBS check for yourself.

Guide to Getting an Enhanced DBS Check Online With Aaron’s Department:

At Aaron’s Department, we have a meticulous three-stage process for verifying and approving DBS applications:

Stage 1) the system automatically checks every application for any errors or mistakes. Developed in-house by our skilled software developers, this bespoke system is capable of identifying 95% of all errors.

Stage 2) However, to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, we also conduct a human review of every application. Our experts carefully scrutinise each application to ensure its accuracy, regardless of whether it is a Basic, Standard, or Enhanced check. Any errors that are identified by our electronic system or our team of experts are immediately rectified or returned to the user for clarification.

Stage 3) One of our countersignatories conducts a final check of the DBS application before approving and sending it off to the Disclosure and Barring Service. This thorough approach is necessary because the DBS is a government body that operates according to its own rules. They will reject applications with errors, and do not typically refund application fees – applicants must start the process again.

At Aaron’s Department, we take great pride in our ability to catch errors and reduce the likelihood of rejected applications. In fact, we now offer a guarantee that we will identify every error, or else we’ll refund the applicant’s fees from our own pocket.

Why Should You Get an Enhanced DBS Check Online? Summary

In today’s digital age, obtaining an Enhanced DBS check online has become a streamlined and efficient process. You can save time, improve accuracy, and receive the results promptly. Prioritising the safety and integrity of your workforce through an Enhanced DBS check ensures a secure working environment for your organisation and promotes trust among your customers.

What are some other benefits of using Aaron’s Department?

Aaron’s Department, a Registered DBS Umbrella Body, offers employers a direct link to the government for processing Enhanced DBS checks online. Here are some other perks of choosing Aaron’s Department:

  • Low-cost Enhanced DBS check admin fees, starting from £6.26.
  • Error-proof system identifies mistakes in real-time, ensuring a smooth application process.
  • Our 3-step, registration process is fast and free – you could have your Enhanced DBS results within hours of signing up.
  • Knowledgeable customer support ready to assist with any DBS check queries.
  • Eligibility guidance provided on our website and through customer support.
  • Built-in tracking system for easy monitoring.

If these are perks you’d like to take advantage of, simply click the buttons below to register and get started. Or, if you have any more questions, ask away at or +44 113 877 0171. We’re always happy to help.

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