Do Allegations Show On A DBS?

Allegations made against an individual can be a serious matter, especially when looking for a new job! As a result, many DBS applicants want to know, “Do allegations show on a DBS certificate?”

Do Allegations Show On A DBS?

Allegations will not appear on a Basic or Standard DBS check, but there is a chance for them to appear on an Enhanced DBS check. When conducting Enhanced DBS checks, the local police forces involved have the opportunity to disclose any non-criminal record information they hold, as long as it’s relevant to the role being applied for.

This means that if you have an allegation against you, and the Police believe it is important for it to be disclosed on the check, then it will be. If the police choose to disclose an allegation on your DBS check, your employer can take this into consideration when making employment decisions.

Do Allegations Show On A DBS?

Do I Have To Tell My Employer About Allegations?

There is no legal obligation to tell your employer about any allegations you may have. However, if an employer discovers something you failed to disclose, then they may feel like they can no longer trust you in the role.

What Happens If I’m Convicted For An Allegation After The DBS Check?

The law is not clear on this topic, but we would recommend that if you are found guilty of an offence after your DBS check is complete, you should tell your employer.

Many employment contracts contain a clause stating that staff should notify their employer if they receive any criminal convictions. Being convicted does not mean you risk immediately losing your job, unless of course, the offence relates to the job role.

Summary – Do Allegations Show On A DBS?

Allegations will only be shown on an Enhanced DBS check, not a Basic or Standard DBS. Enhanced DBS checks can disclose additional non-criminal record information held by the police, as long as it’s relevant to the role being applied for.

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