Do Nurses Need DBS Checks?

Introduction: Do Nurses Need DBS Checks?

If you’re contemplating a career as a nurse in 2024, or returning to nursing after a break, you might be wondering whether a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is a necessity. Our useful article looks at nursing and what level of DBS check is required.

Understanding the DBS Check:

A DBS check, is a type of background check designed to investigate the suitability of individuals working with vulnerable groups, including patients in healthcare settings. DBS checks help employers to make informed decisions about hiring candidates for roles involving trust and responsibility.

In some sectors, specific governing bodies or regulators mandate DBS checks as a legal requirement. For instance, healthcare providers are required to maintain a level of DBS check compliance by the CQC.

Do Nurses Need DBS Checks

Do Nurses Need DBS Checks? – Can Nurses Work Without a DBS Check?

Nurses do need DBS Checks to be permitted to work. Nurses require an Enhanced DBS Check, with an Adult/Children Barred List check, depending on who they will be working with.

It is not possible to work in this field without a DBS Check, but you can begin work, with supervision, before a check is completed if your employer elects to spend a bit extra to get an Adult First Check. The Adult First check returns an applicant’s Adult’s Barred List results, usually within 48 hours, allowing them to start work (under supervision) before their full certificate is returned.

For further information on Adult Firsts, you can read our useful article, Adult First Checks, What You Need To Know

Do Nurses Need DBS Checks? – DBS Checks for Nurses:

Nurses, whether employed in hospitals, care homes, or other healthcare settings, will require an Enhanced DBS check with Barred List checks. This is because nursing often involves direct contact with vulnerable groups, such as patients of all ages.

Completing a DBS check is essential to confirm your suitability and safety in the role of patient care.

Enhanced DBS Check for Nurses:

Nurses will need an Enhanced DBS check to carry out their job. Enhanced DBS checks disclose the applicant’s criminal history, offering more information compared to Standard and Basic checks.

This level of check is vital for positions that involve unsupervised contact with vulnerable groups – such as nursing. For further information on Enhanced DBS Checks, you can read more here: Enhanced DBS Checks

Do nurses need DBS Checks

Conclusion – Do Nurses Need DBS Checks?

In conclusion, To answer the question, “Do Nurses need DBS checks?” If you’re pursuing a career as a nurse in 2024, or returning to nursing, an Enhanced DBS check with Barred Lists is an essential requirement. A DBS Check is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and well-being of the vulnerable groups entrusted to your care.

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