FAQ: Does A CCJ Show On A DBS Check?

A County Court Judgement is a ruling against individuals who are not paying their debts. These, however, are not criminal offences, so they won’t appear on an applicant’s DBS check.

Does Debt Show On A DBS Check?

No, but this type of information will show on credit checks. This is because having debt is not a criminal offence.

What Financial Matters Will Be Disclosed In My DBS Check?

The highest level of disclosure available is an Enhanced DBS check. These checks disclose all of an applicant’s convictions (spent and unspent), reprimands, cautions, and final warnings.

One notable exception here then is low-level fines – fixed penalty notices. Small fines such as parking offences and speeding tickets are not put on an individual’s criminal record.

However, if for example you failed to pay these fines and court proceedings took place, wherein you were found guilty of not paying your fines – then they would appear on your DBS check, as a crime would have taken place.

FAQ: Does A CCJ Show On A DBS Check?

Does A CCJ Show On A DBS Check: Local Police Information

There is a bit of a wildcard as to what a DBS check shows, and it applies only to Enhanced DBS checks. With these, the police forces conducting the check (local to the applicant’s 5-year address history) have the option to include any extra information they hold on the applicant, providing it’s relevant to the job role the DBS check is being applied for.

Therefore, it is plausible that a CCJ could show on an Enhanced DBS check for a charity Treasurer, for example, or any other roles that involve handling finances as well as interacting with children or Vulnerable Adults.

The chances of this applying to your situation is incredibly slim, but technically possible – in other words, you probably don’t have to worry about it!

FAQ: Does A CCJ Show On A DBS Check?

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