Does A Dentist Need A DBS Check?

Introduction: Does A Dentist Need A DBS Check?

In the world of dentistry, the question often arises: Does a Dentist need a DBS check? Our guide aims to answer this question clearly, outlining the roles within a dental practice that require DBS checks and the different levels of DBS Checks available.

Does A dentist need a DBS Check

Does A Dentist Need A DBS Check? Roles Requiring DBS Checks:

Whether you’re a dentist, dental nurse, or dental technician, the need for a DBS Check depends on your responsibilities.

Dentist – Dentists, being medical professionals, play a crucial role in providing healthcare to patients. Consequently, they qualify for an Enhanced DBS check, accompanied by a barred list check of both the Adults’ and Children’s Barred List.

Dental nurse – Similar to dentists, dental nurses are engaged in providing healthcare, categorising their activities as regulated. Therefore, dental nurses must undergo an Enhanced DBS check with a Barred List check.

Administrator – Administrative roles within a dental surgery may not involve direct healthcare provision, but staff in these positions interact with patients as part of their duties. Typically, such individuals are eligible for a Standard DBS check, with the potential for a higher level if they are also responsible for supervising children.

Cleaner – Cleaners in a dental surgery, or any medical institution, who do not engage with patients are not eligible for the higher levels of DBS Check, but can be required at the employer’s discretion to undergo a Basic DBS Check.

Does a Dentist need a dbs check

Different Levels of DBS Checks:

  • Basic DBS Check: Show unspent convictions and conditional cautions.
  • Standard DBS Check: Include spent and unspent convictions, cautions, warnings, and reprimands.
  • Enhanced DBS Check: Provide all the information from Standard checks, plus additional details from local police records.

Does A Dentist Need A DBS Check? Changing Jobs and DBS Checks:

If a dentist moves between practices, it’s wise to get an up-to-date DBS Check. Within the same practice, the need for a new check depends on the individual practice’s policy. Honest disclosure of relevant information during the transfer/employment process is advisable.

Does A Dentist Need A DBS Check Conclusion:

In conclusion, roles within a dental practice, such as dentists, dental nurses, administrators, and cleaners, require different levels of check based on their responsibilities.

Healthcare providers like dentists and dental nurses need Enhanced DBS checks, while administrative staff usually undergo Standard checks. Cleaners, depending on patient interaction, may only need a Basic DBS check

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