FREE Covid-19 DBS Check for New Hires

Covid-19 DBS Check

Responding to the pandemic, the Home Office and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) introduced temporary measures to provide Covid-19 DBS Checks (both Standard and Enhanced) free of charge.

This applies to social care and healthcare workers in England and Wales, who are being recruited in connection with the provision of care and treatment of COVID-19, or those being recruited to backfill roles because of the impact of the pandemic.

Aaron’s Department’s Online DBS System

Our online DBS checks processing system is connected directly to the UK Government’s gateway which enables faster processing and issuing of DBS Certificates. Our fastest DBS result so far in 2022 is just 49 minutes.

You can apply for a Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS check online through our system. We also offer Enhanced checks with Barred Lists information and Adult First checks.

Anyone can apply for a Basic check for any purpose. The Standard and Enhanced disclosures can be requested only if the positions offered are eligible. If you are not sure, please read the eligibility guidance.

Apply for the level of check suitable for the position you are offering and receive the DBS results within hours.

Who Qualifies For a FREE COVID-19 DBS Check?

Employers who are getting staff who need either a Standard or Enhanced (with or without the barred list check) DBS check to help manage the Coronavirus pandemic can now get these free of charge dbs checks, as long as they are for certain, eligible, roles.

These eligible roles are laid out in this Government legislation.

How Can I Get This FREE DBS Check?

You can get your FREE DBS checks by using us. We have some of the most affordable Admin Fees around, which start from as little as £2.83 when you take advantage of our free admin credit system. The more checks you need, the bigger the discount!

Unlike other companies, we offer free, fast registration, so you can begin your applications today!

Once signed up to Aaron’s Department DBS service, you can begin to apply for your DBS checks.
For these checks, COVID-19 must be included in the “position applied for” field (i.e: COVID-19 carer) and the ‘volunteer’ box must also be selected to notify us that it is for a valid FREE DBS check. The only fee you would pay is the small admin fee – it’s as simple as that!

Fast Tracking: Only Enhanced level DBS checks with the relevant barred list(s), as indicated in the legislation, are eligible to be fast-tracked. Any Standard or Enhanced without the barred list DBS check that is eligible for COVID-19, will not be fast-tracked.

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Need a DBS Check for Your Staff?

Benefits of Using Our Online DBS Checks

Register your company with Aaron’s Department’s online system for free in less than 15 minutes. The registration process is easy and straightforward. You just need to fill in your company, personal and contact information.

As soon as you sign up and set up your candidates, you could be getting your first DBS result back in a couple of hours.

After you set up your candidates, you have the options to:

Be a Representative for Your Applicant

You can fill in the required forms on behalf of your applicants and let them check and approve the information entered before the application is processed to the DBS.

Let Your Applicants Complete the Forms Themselves

The applicants are able to complete the required forms online with their personal details. The completed forms are then checked by a nominated counter-signatory.

Built-in Error Checking System

Aaron’s Department makes the application process error-proof with its automatic error checking system that points out mistakes and incorrectly completed forms. The applicant can correct any mistake right away and avoid being rejected because of an incorrectly completed application. This saves a lot of time and prevents delays caused by rejected applications.

Integrated Tracking System

Our system incorporates a DBS tracking service that lets you track your application, telling you at which stage it is as well as e-mailing you updates each step of the process. To track the application, you just need the DBS Applicant Form Reference Number and the date of birth of the applicant.

Easy to Pay with Online Credits

The prices for the DBS Checks differ according to the type of check required. There are two methods to pay for a DBS check at Aaron’s Department:

Bank Transfer – Using BACS or your online banking system

You can pay by using BACS or an online banking system. With this method, you are eligible for Free Admin Credit.

Credit/Debit Card

You can pay simply by using your credit or debit card.

Discounts and Admin Credit

Aaron’s Department rewards you for paying in advance by giving you Free Admin credit. The more checks you pay in advance for – the bigger the Admin Fee is and therefore the more Free Admin credit we give you.

For example: If the total Admin fees in your payment add up to £600 or more, you will get 75% Free Admin credit toward any future admin fees you may incur using our DBS services.

*The Admin Fee credit can only be used for administrative fees with Aaron’s Department or Adult First requests.

Decide Who Receives the Disclosure Certificate

To ensure the applicants are protected against errors and to guarantee the applicants’ right of choosing to whom they show the DBS Certificate, the DBS issues the certificate to the applicants only. It is up to the applicant to decide who is allowed to see the issued certificate.

Choose a Nominated Counter-Signatory

Applicants can choose to allow a Nominated Signatory to view their results if they are clear, as soon as they have been issued and you won’t have to wait for the printed Certificate to arrive.

No Contract

We don’t make you sign contracts tying you in for years. You should work with us only if you want to, and we won’t try to lock you in with hidden conditions or costs. You can ‘pay as you go’ without any minimum DBS checks required.

Need Help?

If you need help or you have further questions to ask, feel free to contact us or give us a call at +44 113 877 0171. Our experienced DBS specialists will be happy to help you with any DBS problems you might be facing.