Front-End Developer Position – Skopje, Macedonia

At Aaron’s Department Dooel, we’re looking for a Front-End Developer to join our team!

Full-Time Front-End Developer
(Junior, Experience, or Senior)

Great rates of pay, and varies depending on experience

Technologies Working With
Laravel, MySQL, VueJS, Tailwind

Work from home and in the office in the centre of Skopje

How To Apply

About Us

Aaron’s Department Dooel has been in Skopje for over 12 years, and is part of a worldwide organisation, taking pride in creating quality software for the services provided by our UK office (Aaron’s Department).

As we continue to make exciting progress, we are looking to expand and add to our team! We’re looking for a Front-End Developer who is ready to make a real impact within the company. We’re not looking for ‘another brick in the wall’ – we want architects to build on our strong foundations!

On top of this, contract work is not for us! Instead, everything we create is used in-house to improve the services we offer. This means we can all take pride in every single piece of work we do. From the initial idea to implementing the final piece of code, we make sure you’re involved every step of the way.

We encourage all our staff to share ideas with each other, and bounce them around the room (the ideas, not the staff!). If you’re struggling to do something, we want you to let us know.

Our dynamic office offers a unique opportunity to connect with not just those in Macedonia, but also work alongside our UK based office. That’s why we’re looking for confident individuals who are excited by the idea of working alongside others to create something we can all be proud of.

What Will You Get To Enjoy By Working With Us?

  • The opportunity to make a real difference to the company.
  • A Fun Work Environment: We all like to have a laugh – It makes the workday much more enjoyable.
  • Supportive Team Members: All ideas are welcomed and explored – an idea explored is better than an idea just kept as a thought.
  • Career Progression: You don’t want to be stuck in the same position for the rest of your career, and we don’t want that either!
  • Work From Home and The Office: We trust you to work where is best for you.

If you are looking for career fulfilment, but don’t think it’s possible where you currently are, then we invite you to consider working with us!

How To Apply

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