What Documents Do You Need For a Right to Work Check?

Introduction – What Documents Do You Need For A Right To Work Check?

Ensuring that every employee has the legal right to work in the UK is a vital legal requirement for employers. Right to Work checks are different, depending on whether you are a UK National, or Non-UK National.

In this article, we will discuss what documents do you need for a Right to Work check

What Documents Do You Need For a Right to Work Check?

UK National, or Irish Citizen

For UK and Irish nationals, the Right to Work check is relatively straightforward. As British citizens have an unrestricted right to work in the UK, employers essentially just need to verify the employee’s identity.

The following documents are usually used:

  1. UK Passport: A valid UK passport serves as both proof of identity and the right to work in the UK. It is the most common and straightforward document for UK nationals.
  2. UK Birth Certificate: A UK birth certificate can be used as proof of identity, especially for individuals who don’t have a passport.
  3. Certificate of Registration or Naturalisation: In some cases, individuals who have become UK citizens through registration or naturalisation may present a Certificate of Registration or Naturalisation as proof of their status.

It’s essential for employers to ensure that the documents provided are genuine, unaltered, and belong to the individual presenting them. However, you can take away the worry of accepting fake documents by using our Digital ID Checks!

What Documents Do You Need For a Right to Work Check?

What Documents Do You Need For a Right to Work Check?

Non-UK National

Non-UK nationals are often required to present additional documents alongside proof of identity. The documents required may vary depending on their immigration status, but common documents include:

Share Code: Being able to provide employers with a share code is by far the easiest way to prove your right to work. Simply provide the code, and the employer can view their right to work.

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP): Individuals with limited or indefinite leave to remain in the UK typically have a BRP. It contains information about their immigration status, identity, and right to work in the UK.

Visa or Residence Card: If an individual is in the UK on a visa, their visa sticker or residence card may serve as evidence of their right to work. Employers should check the visa’s expiration date to ensure that the individual is still permitted to work in the UK.

Certificate of Application: Some non-UK nationals may possess a Certificate of Application issued by the Home Office, indicating that they’ve applied for a visa extension or other immigration status.

Keeping Records of Right to Work Checks

It’s vital for employers to keep records of these documents, conduct regular follow-up checks in case an employee has time-limited permission to work, and to understand any restrictions on the type of work the employee can do.

At Aaron’s Department, you can conduct Right to Work checks, and keep a record of them! Our system lets you upload Right to Work documents, or request a Digital check, and will notify you if it will be expiring soon. This allows you to make sure you keep on top of your Right to Work checks, and keep employing a fully legal workforce!

Conclusion – What Documents Do You Need For a Right to Work Check?

The documents needed for a Right to Work check depend on where the individual is from. UK and Irish Nationals commonly provide their Passport or Birth Certificate. Non-UK Nationals can give a Share Code, BRP, and Visa or Residence Card.

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