What Is A Digital ID Check?

Introduction – What Is A Digital ID Check?

Digital ID checks, also known as digital identity verification, are a modern, efficient, and secure means of confirming an individual’s identity online.

Instead of relying on having to physically check identity documents, Digital ID checks use technology to validate an individual’s identity by cross-referencing multiple data points.

This time-saving way of checking documents means that you can get on with your role while applicants gather the documentation they need and then get the documents verified.

What Is A Digital ID Check

How A Typical ID Check Works

There are many ways that Digital ID checks work, so below includes some of the most common ways:

User Data Collection

The user provides personal information, which may include their name, address, and date of birth.

Document Verification

Digital ID checks usually involve document verification, where users are asked to scan or photograph official documents like passports, driving licences, or utility bills.

Biometric Verification

Biometric data is captured through a selfie or a live video. The system compares the provided biometric data with the documents and the user’s information.

Database Checks

The collected data is then cross-referenced with various databases, including government records, credit agencies, and more. Any inconsistencies or red flags are flagged for further review.

What is a Digital ID Check

How A Digital ID Can Save You Time

Digital ID checks allow employers to quickly verify a potential, or current, employee’s identity quickly and accurately, without needing to physically see documents. Naturally, this can save you a lot of time otherwise spent checking documents and doing admin!

Digital ID checks can be used when doing a DBS check through Aaron’s Department, making the application process even faster and easier!

When it comes to doing DBS checks, Digital ID Checks are useful in cases where DBS applicants would struggle to get their documents in front of the company’s hiring manager, due to distance. If you want to find out more, you can register for Digital ID Checks below.

Conclusion – What Is A Digital ID Check?

Digital ID checks are a modern, efficient, and secure means of confirming an individual’s identity online. On top of this, they can be used for DBS checks, instead of having to see the applicant’s physical documentation.

At Aaron’s Department, we use a Certified IDSP to validate the identity of a DBS check applicant

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