What If I Make a Typo on My DBS Application?

Introduction: What If I Make a Typo on My DBS Application?

As with every application, accuracy on your DBS Check is vital. Corrections cannot be made once a certificate is issued, so you’ve really got to take care and accuracy when filling in your DBS application.

If a typo has been made on your DBS application (and it isn’t rejected during the checking process), you will still have to get a new DBS Check. The best thing you can do to avoid this happening, is to make sure the application is checked thoroughly before it is sent to the DBS for processing.

What if i make a typo on my dbs

What If I Make A Typo On My DBS Application?

Whether it’s a minor or significant error, typos impact the reliability of your DBS check. To be legally valid, all the information has to be correct, so accuracy is vital right from the beginning.

An error on your DBS Application often means that your application is withdrawn by the DBS, who won’t offer any refunds. Even if the certificate has arrived with a typo, the DBS will advise that you will need to undergo a new DBS Check using the correct information.

What If I Make A Typo On My DBS Application? – Filling In The Application

When you first begin to fill out your application, please ensure that you take the time to check as you fill in each box, even with things that you are sure you know how to spell, your name, your home address. You would be surprised at how many DBS applications are withdrawn each year because of an error in spelling a name.

Once you have filled in your DBS application, (and double-checked it) the next person to look at it will be the evidence checker at your organisation.

What If I Make A Typo On My DBS Application? – Evidence Checkers

Evidence checkers play a pivotal role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of applicant information. Evidence checkers verify the identity of applicants through official identification documents, validate addresses and review any supporting documents.

Their scrutiny is essential in identifying and addressing errors, but sometimes, mistakes do still slip through.

What If I Make A Typo On My DBS Application? – Countersignatories

Countersignatories play a crucial role in verifying information. Here at Aaron’s Department, the Countersignatory Team provides an additional layer of assurance for the accuracy of your DBS check. Besides the benefit of another layer of checking, these team-members are experienced professionals too.

What If I Make A Typo On My DBS Application? – What If A Typo Slips Through The Net?

A typo on your DBS Certificate means that your DBS Check will need to be withdrawn, and a new check performed. This is because all the checks done using your name and/or address would not be correct if there is a spelling mistake.

For example, if your name was Joe Bloggs, but you had spelt your name incorrectly on your application as Jo Bloggs, the search of the PNC will return somebody else’s results. Or, even more likely, the DBS would realise the name discrepancy, and reject the check.

Given that corrections are impossible once your application has been submitted, avoiding typos is essential. Always review all details thoroughly before submitting your DBS application.

What if i make a typo on my dbs

ConclusionWhat If I Make A Typo On My DBS Application?

If you make a typo on your DBS application, a new DBS check will need to be performed. Corrections are not possible once your application has been submitted, and by providing incorrect information, the search of the Police National Computer will not be accurate. Although what happens, >90% of the time, is that the DBS will notice the mistake in the course of their checks and withdraw the application.

The best way to avoid having to do a new DBS Check is to make sure all the information on your application is correct.

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