Can I Accept a DBS Check From Another Employer?

When hiring new staff, one of the questions often asked is “Can I accept a DBS check from another employer?”. After all, if it is a cost you can save, you might as well!

In this article, we will discuss when you can, and can’t, accept an employee’s DBS check from another employer.

Can I Accept a DBS Check From Another Employer

When Can I Accept a DBS Check From Another Employer?

When transferring from one job to another, the following conditions must be met for a DBS check to be ‘reused’:

  1. The new position must match the position on the DBS Certificate.
  2. The exact same level of check must be required.

To best understand the second point, have a look at the example below:

The applicant’s old job required both a check of the Adult and Children’s Barred List. In their new job, despite having the same job title, the applicant will not be working with vulnerable children. This means the employer does not have the right to see information relating to vulnerable children. Therefore, a new DBS check must be requested, with only the Adult’s Barred List.

The Government has also provided further guidance for employers, that you may find useful.

Can I Accept a DBS Check From Another Employer?

Can I Accept An Old DBS Check From Another Employer?

It is usually up to the organisations’ discretion on whether a DBS check can carry on being used, but companies usually want to undertake new DBS checks for new employees as standard.

It’s important to remember this, though: the older a DBS check is, the more unreliable it is. A DBS check is only accurate until the minute it is printed, then no new convictions, cautions, or reprimands are shown until a new DBS check is done.

Typically speaking, organisations usually have new DBS checks done on their employees every 1 – 3 years.

Conclusion – Can I Accept a DBS Check From Another Employer?

DBS checks can only be accepted from another employer if it is for the same job role, and if the same check is needed.

If the applicant needs a slightly different DBS check (e.g. without a Barred List, or working with a different set of vulnerable groups), then a new DBS check must be done.

When a DBS check can be accepted, it is up to the employer on whether it is too old.

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