Can My Employer See My DBS Online?

When applicants are applying for a DBS check, one of the most common questions we get asked is “Can My Employer See My DBS Online?”.

On this page, we’ll go over the specific DBS information that employers can view online, where they can view it, and whose permission they require to see it.

Can my employer see my DBS online?

Employers can only see Basic DBS check results online, and only with the applicant’s permission. This will be requested during the application process.

For Standard and Enhanced DBS checks, employers cannot view the DBS certificate/results online, and must see the physical certificate in person. It is not possible to see an online certificate for Standard and Enhanced DBS checks.

On top of this, employers can see an applicant’s Update Service status online. However, they must also see the original certificate in person as well. After seeing the certificate, they can use the online Update Service to keep track of any changes.

Can My Employer See My DBS Online?

How can employers view Basic DBS checks online?

To allow an employer to see their Basic DBS result online, the applicant must have an online account. Once logged in, the applicant will have the ability to show and share their result with the employer.

Standard & Enhanced DBS Previews

With the applicant’s permission, the Umbrella Body that facilitates the DBS application can access a very brief summary of what will be disclosed on the certificate, before it’s printed and posted. The Umbrella Body can then share this with the employer if requested. The summary will be one of the following statements:

Certificate contains no information – In this case, the applicant’s certificate is blank, since the DBS can be sure in advance of printing that nothing will be disclosed.

Please wait to view certificate – This doesn’t necessarily mean that the applicant has a criminal record which will be disclosed on the certificate – sometimes this summary is provided for certificates which turn out to be blank! It just means that, at this time, the DBS can’t be certain whether the certificate will contain any info.

No matter which outcome is shown in the summary, employers legally must wait to see the physical certificate before the applicant starts work in the role the check was for.

The DBS Update Service

The DBS Update Service is an official government tool that can be used to keep DBS certificates legally valid & acceptable, as long as the User’s criminal record remains unchanged.

No criminal record information is available to Users or employers online, but anyone with an account’s login details will be able to tell if the User’s criminal record has changed (if so, a new DBS check is legally required for them to continue working in the role the initial DBS check was for)

Can my employer make a copy of my DBS certificate?

Employers can take a copy of your DBS certificate, or even the original document, with your permission. It’s not recommended to give the original to your employer, since you may decide in future to reuse it with another employer (which is permitted, as long as your role will the same with both employers).

Summary: Can my employer see my DBS online?

Summary: Can my employer see my DBS online?

Employers can only view Basic DBS results online, and only with the applicant’s permission. There is no way to view Standard or Enhanced results online, and when showing your certificate to your employer, they must see the physical, original copy – photos, photocopies, scans, etc. will not do.

Glimpses of DBS results and data can be accessed by employers via the DBS preview during the application process, and via the Update Service, but only a tiny amount of detail is available, and only with the DBS applicant’s express permission.

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