DBS Change of Name: Do You Need a New DBS Check? (2 Min)

In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about a DBS change of name.

Your employee has changed their first name, surname, or both – how does this affect their DBS Check?  

This name change could be down to getting married, divorced, or just changing it for personal reasons.

There are many different reasons why people want or have to change their name, but what does this mean for DBS checks?

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Do You Need a New DBS Check If You Change Your Name?

If the person who has changed their name has already completed and received a DBS certificate, no matter the type, they do not have to apply for a new DBS check.

Why Is This?

As an employer, you know who they are, and will be aware of the name change when updating staff records such as payroll and HR files, so a new check is not needed.

When the time comes to get a new DBS check on all of your staff, the person in question should be included, but the check should be applied for using their new legal name.

The Disclosure and Barring Service cannot send out a previous DBS certificate with an updated name, so if you needed a new certificate, a new application would be the only route to take.

When It Comes To a New DBS Check

If the person has a job where a new DBS check is done every couple of years, they do not need to worry about the name change until a new application is submitted.

On this new DBS application form, the individual has to list all previous names, including forenames, middle names or surnames.

The check will also ask for the dates the names were used, which helps the police check the relevant records to get the full background on the person, so nothing that could be a concern is missed.

DBS change of name.

Are There Any Issues Caused By a DBS Change of Name?

Thousands of people change their name each year and is more common than you might expect.

There are no direct issues for a DBS change of name, as it is a perfectly legal thing to do, although it could cause the time it takes for the check to be completed in to increase.

Ensuring that the current and previous names are clearly stated, along with the dates used from and to, will help clear up any confusion and minimise the possibility of any errors or mistakes.

If You’re an Employer, You Can Get a DBS Check for Staff

If you are wanting to get a DBS check for your staff, you can do so right here at Aaron’s Department.

Our bespoke online DBS system allows you to apply for any level of DBS check in minutes, eliminating the stress thanks to our automatic error-checker.

On top of this, the application system makes it clear where you need to list any previously used names, to avoid any confusion and help speed up the process.

If you’ve found this guide on DBS change of name useful, we have also written and published help and advice posts, to help guide you through any questions you may have about the checking process.

To get started, simply click on the button below, and get applying for your DBS checks today!

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