What If I Have Lost my DBS Certificate?

Introduction – What If I Have Lost My DBS Certificate?

In the event that you lose your DBS certificate, try not to worry, as lost DBS certificates can be replaced. In fact, it’s one of the most common questions we get asked: “I have lost my DBS certificate, can I replace it?” The simple answer is – yes, you can get a replacement DBS certificate, but there is a strict rule. This will only be replaced by the DBS free of charge if you meet their criteria; otherwise you will need to apply for a new DBS check from scratch.

If I Have Lost My DBS Certificate, Can I Replace It For Free?

The DBS may agree to issue a reprint of a lost DBS certificate if the following criteria apply:

  • If it is between 14 and 90 days since the certificate was issued, but it hasn’t arrived in the post.
  • Your current address must be the same as the current address given on the original DBS application. If you have changed your address since the application, you can request a mail redirection from the Royal Mail, as the address on the DBS certificate cannot be changed for a reprint.

If any of the following applies, then you will not qualify for a free DBS certificate reprint:

  • If the certificate has been misplaced, lost, or damaged or destroyed since being issued and received.
  • If the certificate was issued over three months ago
  • If a certificate reprint has already been issued and sent, but has not yet arrived in the post. If this occurs, get in touch with us directly.

Our handy infographic explains what happens with a lost DBS certificate.

What if I have lost my DBS certificate

How do I get a replacement When I Have Lost My DBS Certificate In The Post?

If 14 days have elapsed since the DBS certificate was issued, you can request a copy, by accessing your account and requesting a reprint in the panel.

When I have Lost My DBS Certificate, How long does a certificate replacement take to arrive?

The processing time for a lost DBS certificate replacement is up to 5 working days, so when you include time for delivery, it usually takes between 7 and 10 working days to receive the reprinted copy, as long as there are no further problems with the application.

When I Have Lost My DBS certificate, Which Check Is Eligible For A Reprint?

You can request a reprint of all versions of DBS Checks. Basic, Standard, or Enhanced.

The DBS Update Service

No more worrying, “Have I lost my DBS certificate?” You can save yourself any worry at all by signing up to our Automatic Update Service Checker. This system allows users of the DBS Update Service to keep their DBS check up-to-date without ever having to process another application. You can find out more about our DBS Automatic Update Service Checker by reading our latest Automatic Update Service article, The Perks Of Using Our Automatic Update Service Check, or our dedicated employer page. Automatic Update Service Checks – Employers

What if i have lost my DBS certificate

If you want to apply for a DBS certificate online, find out more about DBS checks If you have any questions about applying for reprinted DBS certificates, or anything else DBS-related, get in touch with one of our team on 0113 877 0171 or email us on

Conclusion – What If I Have Lost my DBS Certificate?

In conclusion, losing a DBS certificate could at first seem alarming, but don’t worry—replacing it is both possible and do-able. The frequently asked question of whether a lost DBS certificate may be replaced has a definite answer: YES. However, there are several restrictions on this replacement for a lost DBS certificate. Under specific conditions, such as non-receipt within a specified time limit, the DBS offers the option to replace a lost certificate free of charge. Eligibility is dependent on fulfilling the requirements, which include keeping the same address and abiding by the established time constraints. If you don’t fit the bill, you’ll have to apply for a new DBS check from the beginning, and pay all the fees involved.

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