What If I Have Lost my DBS Certificate?

If I Have Lost My DBS Certificate, Can I Replace It For Free?

Yes, if…

  • It is between 14 and 93 days since the certificate was issued,
  • The certificate never arrived in the post,
  • The address you need the certificate posting to is the same as the current address given on the original DBS application. If you’ve moved, you’ll have to set up a postal redirection with the Royal Mail.

No, if…

  • If the DBS certificate has been misplaced, lost, or damaged
    or destroyed since arriving in the post.
  • The DBS certificate was issued over three months ago
  • If a DBS certificate reprint has already been issued and sent.
    The DBS will only issue one reprint.

How To Replace A Lost DBS Certificate

Aaron’s Department Customers

If your DBS application was made using our platform, then the organisation requesting the check can use the Dashboard to request a reprint.

Anyone with a Company Admin-level account can find your name on our main dashboard, and use the Status column to request a reprint.

This can be done in just a couple of minutes – our system will handle the rest.

What If I Have Lost my DBS Certificate?
What If I Have Lost my DBS Certificate?

How To Replace A Lost DBS Certificate

Everyone Else

If your check hasn’t been completed using Aaron’s Department, you can request a reprint directly from the DBS.

You’ll need to call the DBS on 0300 020 0190, navigate their call centre, and provide some personal details. You’ll also be asked to explain why the reprint is required. Remember, the DBS won’t issue a reprint if it’s been misplaced or damaged!

Alternatively, there is also a form you can download on the DBS’s website, which needs completing and returning by email to: DBSReprints@dbs.gov.uk

If I’ve lost my DBS certificate, how long will the replacement take?

If you’ve ordered a reprint of your DBS certificate, it should arrive within the next 14 days (usually much sooner). If the reprint fails to arrive at your address, you’re out of luck unfortunately, as the DBS will only issue one reprint.

If you’ve had to make a new DBS application from scratch, it will take a bit longer for your certificate to arrive, since the entire application process must start from the beginning. Once an application is sent to the DBS, it’s impossible to say how long it will take, but the average times (not including postage) are:

  • Basic – 1 day
  • Standard – 1.5 days
  • Enhanced – 12 days

Click here for more information about how long DBS checks take

If I’ve lost my DBS certificate, am I eligible for a reprint?

You can request a reprint of all versions of DBS Checks: Basic, Standard, or Enhanced. However, Basic DBS Check certificate reprints cannot be requested using the Aaron’s Department online system (This technicality is because a different department of the DBS handles Basic checks, separate from Standard and Enhanced checks, and both departments have their own way of doing things).

To request a replacement Basic DBS certificate, you’ll have to use the ‘Everyone Else’ method described above, even if you’re an Aaron’s Department customer, unfortunately.

Summary: What If I Have Lost my DBS Certificate?

In conclusion, losing a DBS certificate could at first seem concerning, but don’t worry—replacing it is simple enough, as long as you meet the requirements for the DBS to issue a reprint. Otherwise, you’ll need to make (and pay for) a new DBS application from scratch.

If you’ve been struggling with DBS duties at your organisation, why not switch to using Aaron’s Department as your DBS provider? We offer fast-tracked, error-proof, affordable DBS checks for employers – if that interests you, feel free to have a browse of our site, to find out more about what we do.

Any questions? Get in touch with one of our team on 0113 877 0171 or email us on contact@aaronsdepartment.com. We’re always happy to help!

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