Is There A DBS Expiry Date? 2 Minute Quick Read

Is There A DBS Expiry Date?

This frequently asked question often manages to confuse people with the answer, so with this blog we aim to provide some well-needed information about DBS expiry dates and address the need for renewed DBS checks.

So, is there a DBS expiry date? No, a DBS check does not come with a standard expiry date. Unlike documents with fixed expiration dates, such as passports or driving licences, DBS checks operate differently. The information contained within a DBS certificate is accurate only up until the date the check was conducted, meaning there is no predefined DBS expiry date for the check itself.

Our handy graphic below helps to explain why there is no DBS expiry date.

DBS Expiry Date

As shown in the graphic explains above, A DBS Check is a record of everything that has happened up until the date of the check. This means that organisations can rest assured that in the past, you have not committed a crime or an action that means you are not suitable for the role. But what about the future?

Balancing Practicality and Safety

Maintaining a balance between practicality and safety is vital with DBS checks. Not having a set expiration date for DBS checks acknowledges that people’s situations can change over time. Instead of constantly checking everyone’s DBS status, a reasonable method can be to regularly assess if new checks are necessary due to role changes and responsibilities. This also involves establishing a reasonable timeframe for new DBS checks.

Certain sectors like healthcare and education have strict safety standards because of their dealings with children and vulnerable adults. In these sectors, employers regularly perform DBS checks to ensure ongoing safety. For instance, healthcare workers might need yearly checks, while educators could have checks every 3 years, following the safety guidelines from Ofsted. While the DBS check itself lacks a set DBS expiry date, these sectors require regular assessments to fulfil their duty of care.

DBS Expiry date

DBS Update Service

Another way to make sure that people in your care are protected by DBS Checks is to have your staff subscribed to the DBS Update Service. The DBS Update Service is an official DBS online subscription service which allows employers to check whether there have been any changes to their employees’ Standard or Enhanced DBS certificates. This means employers only have to pay for new checks if there’s been a change to an employee’s record, as opposed to having to pay for regular checks.

The DBS Update Service is a great tool for keeping on top of DBS checks, but its main disadvantage is that someone has to check it as frequently as their employer mandates. This can be a time-consuming task, and will regularly distract an employee from other more important jobs. Even if you only have a handful of staff, it is just one more job to do, and one that is easy to forget.

That’s why, here at Aaron’s Department, we have created a solution to the problem of keeping on top of the DBS Update Service – introducing our Automatic DBS Update Service Checker

DBS Expiry date

There are many advantages to using our Automatic DBS Update Service Checker:

  • Fully Automatic Checking

With our service, you no longer have to manually check each employee’s DBS certificate. We handle this particularly boring task for you – keeping all your staff compliant, and saving you time and effort.

  • Set Up and Forget About It

Once an applicant is set up on our system, we take care of the daily checks for you. You can focus on other important tasks, knowing that your employees’ DBS certificates are being constantly monitored.

  • Automatic Updates & Notifications

Stay ahead of any changes in your employees’ DBS status with our instant notifications. You’ll receive important updates directly to your email, keeping you informed in real-time.

  • Add Employees As Soon As Their DBS Is Complete

No need to worry about missing deadlines. As soon as your employee’s DBS check is processed, you can add them to the DBS Update Service. Say goodbye to the 30-day cut-off point stress!

  • Employees Already On The Update Service?

For employees already registered on the DBS Update Service, simply transfer their details to our system, it’s that simple.

You can find out more about our Automatic Update Service by reading our article, Automatic DBS Update Service Check: Keeping Your Employees Up to Date or by giving us a call on 0113 877 0171. You can register employees to our Automatic Update Service below.


In conclusion, there is no such thing as a DBS expiry date, but it is advised to keep DBS checks updated, either through regular checks depending on the time frame set by your sector requirements, or by subscribing to the DBS Update Service, that way you will never have to worry about a DBS expiry date again.

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