An Easy Guide To DBS Checks For Security Staff (3 Min)

People working as security staff require a DBS check because of their role, but what level is needed?

This blog will go over what level of check is needed, depending on where the individual will be working.

Regulatory Bodies for Security

The people responsibly for regulating the security industry are the Security Industry Authority, or, SIA.

Specific roles in this industry require licences which are issued by the Security Industry Authority and as part of the application process, the SIA will do a Standard DBS check.

DBS Checks for Security Staff

Security guards (who require an SIA licence) need to have a Standard DBS check to be able to perform their role.

dbs checks security

What Does a Standard DBS Check Show?

Standard DBS checks will reveal any spent and unspent convictions, reprimands, warnings, and cautions.

Which Security Roles Require an SIA Licence?

A licence will be required if the security role is considered to be a “licensable activity” or falls under a “contract for services”.

A ‘licensable activity’ can include:

  • Security Guarding.
  • Door Supervising.
  • Guarding Cash or Valuables in Transit.
  • Key Holding.

A ‘contract for services’ refers to when the service is supplied to an external organisation.

What Roles Do Not Require an SIA Licence?

There are a few positions that do not require an SIA licence, and will therefore not qualify for a Standard DBS Check.

However, they are able to get a Basic DBS Check, as this is something available to anyone, and you do not have to be legally eligible to request one.

People working security in these roles include:

  • Volunteers.
  • Stewards.
  • People Checking Tickets at Events.
  • Staff at Certified Sports Grounds.
  • Staff at Airports (working in screening, access control or any other security role).
dbs checks airport staff

Does any Security Role Need an Enhanced DBS Check?

So we know that some security roles require a Standard DBS check, but do any roles require an enhanced DBS check?

This is the most in-depth check that can be done and includes everything a Standard DBS check includes, as well as any information that local police deem relevant about the individual.

Enhanced DBS checks can also include barred list checks, and this is important as people who require these checks will involve roles that work with vulnerable groups. If the role does not involve working with children or vulnerable adults, then a Standard or Basic check will suffice.

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