How Does DBS Online Tracking Work at Aaron’s Department?

Never again wonder “where is my DBS?” with our automatic and free DBS online tracking service, available for every application. Stay in the know at every stage of your employees’ DBS applications through our convenient online system.

Whether you’re processing a single DBS application or managing a bulk of 1,000 applications, our DBS online tracking service keeps you updated on the progress of each application.

How Does Our DBS Online Tracking System Work?

Once your application reaches the Disclosure and Barring Service, our system automatically connects using the DBS tracking number to provide real-time updates whenever there’s a change in the application’s stage or status.

As an employer seeking information on your staff’s DBS applications, give our hassle-free DBS online tracking tool a try for your next application. Our automated system will save you valuable time and effort, ensuring a streamlined process.

Features of our DBS Online Tracking System

Our DBS Online Tracking service allows you to track the progress of multiple DBS applications at once, saving you time and hassle. You can also receive email updates as your applications progress, and even see the results online (if the certificate is clear). This information is provided for your convenience, but you will still need to see the applicant’s original certificate before they start work.

Benefits of Using DBS Online Tracking

  • Stay informed on the status of your applications.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your applications are on the way.
  • Keep your boss updated (for their peace of mind too!)
  • Know when the certificate has been dispatched.
  • Reduce the stress of the situation being out of your control – at least you know what’s going on now!

What Does Our DBS Tracker Show?

We’ve created a flowchart to show the basic stages of the DBS process, as not all levels of check go through the same stages. Our DBS tracker shows you which stage your (or your employee’s) application is on. You can see the chart below:

Flowchart depicting the stages of the DBS online tracking service

Guide to the Stages of DBS Online Tracking:

DBS Online Tracking Stage 1: Receiving the DBS Application

  • Upon receiving the application, the DBS examines it for errors or omissions. In rare cases where issues arise, the application is returned to our Countersignatories. If the DBS has questions regarding the form, it may also be sent back for further information.

DBS Online Tracking Stage 2: Reviewing the DBS Application

  • The applicant’s data undergoes thorough scrutiny, comparing it against information stored in the Police National Computer, aiming to identify any potential matches.

DBS Online Tracking Stage 3: Children’s and Adults’ Barred List Search (If Applicable)

  • If relevant to the applicant’s role, a search is conducted to determine whether they are permitted to work with Children or Vulnerable Adults, by checking against the Children’s and Adults’ Barred Lists.

DBS Online Tracking Stage 4: Local Police Record Check

  • For Enhanced checks, the form is securely sent to relevant local police forces for a comprehensive check against their local records.

DBS Online Tracking Stage 5: Printing the DBS Certificate!

  • Once all the information is gathered and verified, the DBS certificate is prepared. The disclosed details are printed under strict security measures and dispatched to the applicant’s address. Only the applicant has access to the specific information included in the DBS certificate. However, our DBS online tracking system can provide you with the result of the DBS check, indicating whether it returned clean or if you need to wait for the certificate to review the details

    *A note for employers* Even if we tell you it’s a clean certificate, legally you have to wait until you see the certificate for yourself before the applicant starts work. This feature is just for your peace-of-mind and to help you plan ahead.

Our DBS online tracking service ensures transparency and efficient processing throughout each stage of the DBS check.

Free Sign-Up to our Quick & Easy DBS Tracking Service

If our DBS online tracking service is the sort of thing you’re after, you can sign your business up today, fast and free-of-charge, by clicking the green button below.

Or, if you have any questions about our DBS online tracking service, we’re always happy to assist. You can reach us at or call +44 113 877 0171 to speak to a member of our team.

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