Do Employers Always Do DBS Checks?

DBS checks help employers make more informed recruitment decisions, as well as sometimes being a legal requirement for certain roles.

Do Employers Always Do DBS Checks

Employers do not always do DBS checks. A lot of employers believe that it is good business practice to get all of their current, and potential, employees to go through the process.

Employers can request a Basic DBS check for any role, unless it legally requires a higher level of check.

As for Standard and Enhanced checks, the job role has to meet certain requirements in order for an employer to be able to request the check.

Do Employees Have To Agree To A DBS Check?

If the role doesn’t legally require a DBS check, then an employee/candidate is within their rights to say no to a DBS check.

Do Employers Always Do DBS Checks?

What Roles Require a DBS Check?

Roles that include working with children or vulnerable adults often legally require a DBS check. For example, being a teacher, healthcare assistant, or Foster Carer.

On top of this, roles that have a high level of trust and responsibly typically require Standard DBS checks. These kinds of roles include a Solicitor, Vet, and Security Guard.

Which Jobs Don’t Require DBS Checks?

How long is a piece of string?! There are hundreds upon hundreds of roles that don’t require a DBS check! If the role doesn’t involve vulnerable groups, or isn’t usually the target of criminal activity (e.g. finance), you probably won’t need a DBS check.

Summary – Do Employers Always Do DBS Checks

Employers do not always do DBS checks. If requesting a Standard or Enhanced DBS check, they have to legally entitled to request it. Many employers also request Basic DBS checks to help make more informed business decisions, as part of good practice.

The Government has also made a handy guide to DBS checks, that you may find useful.

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