Can I Track My DBS Check?

We often get people asking us, “Can I track my DBS check application?” – this is one where the answer is the same no matter your circumstances. Whether you want to track your own DBS check or your employees’ checks, of course you can!

DBS Checks are an important employer/employee tool. Being able to arrange start dates and make sure that you are following regulatory guidelines is important, so at Aaron’s Department, we try to make this process as easy as possible.

Track my DBS check

Can I Track My DBS Check?

If your application was completed through Aaron’s Department, using our DBS tracking service and status checking is as simple as logging in and finding your application. You can then view which stage your application is at, as well as the date that it entered that stage.

If you haven’t completed your application through Aaron’s Department, and your Registered Body are not providing this service, you can visit the DBS website, and view the DBS Application Tracking section.

Can I Track My Employees’ DBS Checks?

Using Aaron’s Department for your staff DBS checks means that you can track multiple checks once they have been submitted to the DBS. This saves you from having to manually log in and check the progress of each check, one by one. Handy!

Our system also sends you email updates as the stages progress, and even allows you to see a summary of the information contained on the certificate online.

This is provided when the check is completed, but before the certificate has been posted, and it shows whether the certificate contains any information.

We make tracking your DBS Checks simple.

Track my DBS

If you wish to register for DBS Checks through Aaron’s Department, then you can register below or give us a call on 0113 877 0171 or email today.

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