Do GPs Need DBS Checks?

Introduction: Do GPs Need DBS Checks?

The safety and well-being of patients are of the utmost importance when they visit a GP surgery, making thorough background checks a crucial step in ensuring the trust and security of healthcare services. One essential component of these checks is the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, which is mandatory for all GP professionals and some of the staff members working in GP surgeries.

All GPs must be registered on the Performers list, and you are unable to be registered on this list without a DBS Check.

Do GPs Need DBS Checks

What Is A Performers List?

The Performers List provides a regulatory framework to ensure that medical practitioners who contract with NHS England are qualified and competent to provide safe and effective primary medical services. All GPs should be on this list

Do GPs Need DBS Checks?

Most, if not all, medical professionals require a DBS certificate, and GPs are no exception.

Patient safety is the number one priority, and GPs regularly work with vulnerable people, such as elderly and disabled adults, as well as children. It is important that people who want to become a GP are willing to undergo a DBS Check.

Do GPs need a DBS check

Do GPs Need DBS Checks? – What Level of DBS Check Is Required?

The level of DBS checks needed depends on the role in question. There are three levels of DBS check that reveal different details about a person’s criminal record:

Basic DBS Check – Reveals unspent convictions only.

Standard DBS Check – Reveals spent and unspent convictions, as well as any cautions, warnings, or reprimands.

Enhanced DBS Check – Reveals the same as the standard check, as well as any relevant police notes and relevant allegations or pending matters on the person’s file.

Do GP Surgery Staff Need A DBS Check?

Other roles such as receptionists or volunteers within a GP Surgery may only need a Basic DBS check or Standard DBS check.

The GP surgery manager should contact the regulatory body that governs GP surgeries – the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – to find out what the latest requirements are, especially around safeguarding policies

Conclusion – Do GPs Need DBS Checks?

In conclusion, the need for a DBS check for GPs and their staff in GP surgeries is crucial for the safety and security of healthcare services. Patients rely on healthcare professionals, so their safety and well-being must always come first.

To work as a GP, you must be on the Performers List, and that requires a DBS check. The Performers List ensures that GPs meet the necessary qualifications and standards for providing healthcare services.

GPs often work with vulnerable people, such as those with disabilities, or children, so a DBS check is necessary to make sure they have a clean record and can be trusted.

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