Can I Apply for an Enhanced DBS Check for Myself?

Can I Apply for an Enhanced DBS Check for Myself?

When it comes to Enhanced and Standard DBS checks, we get lots of people asking: “Can I apply for an Enhanced DBS Check for myself?” Unfortunately, Individuals cannot apply for these levels of DBS check for themselves.

The DBS’s rules mean that Standard and Enhanced DBS checks can only be requested by organisations, for their staff, and only if the applicant’s role is eligible for the check.

Enhanced DBS Check for myself

Enhanced DBS Checks For The Self-Employed

Most self-employed positions do not require a DBS check, or only ask for a Basic DBS Check, which you can apply for yourself online through the DBS. 

If you are self-employed and intend to work in roles that involve regulated activity with children or Vulnerable Adults, you may be eligible for an Enhanced DBS check. However, you cannot apply for this check for yourself. You have two options from here:

  1. If you are self-employed doing work on behalf of an organisation, you can ask them to facilitate your DBS check. After all, if you need an Enhanced DBS, you won’t be able to legally start working until you get your certificate!

  2. Or, you could try to get your sector’s regulatory body, union, local council, or trade association to facilitate your DBS check. For example:
    • A self-employed nanny could get their check from Ofsted, the regulatory body for Childcare & Education.
    • A self-employed dance instructor could get their check done by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, a trade association that offers DBS checks for its members.
    • Private Hire drivers often have their DBS checks facilitated by the local council where they are applying for the licence.

Enhanced DBS check for myself

Does your role really need an Enhanced DBS check?

In order to apply for an Enhanced DBS check, the role it’s required for must meet the DBS’s eligibility requirements! There are far too many roles and requirements to cover them all here, but the following quick guide is a good starting point. Whoever ends up facilitating your DBS in the end, you want to make sure you’re definitely requesting the right level of check. Otherwise, the DBS will reject your application if they determine it to be ineligible.

Quick Enhanced DBS Eligibility Guide

  • Will you be working with Children? If YES, you likely need an Enhanced DBS check (children workforce).
    • If this work will take place for 4 or more days in any given 30-day period, you are also eligible for a Children’s Barred List check.
  • Will you be working with Vulnerable Adults? If YES, you will likely require an Enhanced DBS check (adult workforce).
    • Will you be providing treatment, care, or managing the finances of Vulnerable Adults, you will also need to request an Adults’ Barred List check.
  • If none of these apply, there’s a good chance you don’t need an Enhanced DBS check in the first place. You can use the government’s DBS Eligibility Tool to establish your eligibility (be aware, this tool isn’t 100% accurate).


  • Children – Anyone under 18.
  • Vulnerable Adults – Put simply, any over-18 who is in receipt of care or healthcare. For a more in-depth definition, visit our guide: What is a Vulnerable Adult?
  • Workforce – When applying for an Enhanced DBS check, you must tell the DBS whether it’s needed in order to work with children, Vulnerable Adults, or both (it is only “neither” in exceptional circumstances). This question is separate from the Barred List.
  • Barred List Check – The Barred Lists are a database containing the profiles of people who are forbidden from working with children and/or Vulnerable Adults. If the role is eligible, it must be requested (at no extra cost). It is a crime to apply to work with a group you are barred from.
Enhanced DBS Checks for myself

Basic DBS Check for Individuals

If you decide you don’t need an Enhanced DBS check, consider getting a Basic DBS instead. This level of check will disclose any & all unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, and final warnings. There are no eligibility criteria to apply for Basic DBS checks don’t have any eligibility criteria, making it accessible to anyone, and you can apply for one directly on the website.

Aaron’s Department doesn’t offer Basic DBS checks for individuals. Some Umbrella Bodies charge through the roof for this service for individuals, so it’s best just to apply through the government directly.

Summary: Can I Apply For An Enhanced DBS Check For Myself?

In summary, you cannot apply for Enhanced DBS checks for yourself; these checks can only be requested by organisations, on behalf of their staff, members, volunteers, etc.

You can try contacting the organisation you’re contracting for, your sector’s regulatory body, union, local council, or trade association to facilitate your Enhanced DBS check.

If a Basic DBS check will be enough, you can apply for these independently, with no eligibility requirements or Umbrella Body involved. Simply visit the government’s website and begin your application there.

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Enhanced DBS Check for myself

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