FAQ: Who Conducts DBS Checks?

Introduction – Who Conducts DBS Checks?

A range of parties are involved in the DBS check process, from start to finish. In order, these are:

  1. The applicant’s employer
  2. The applicant
  3. The Umbrella Body
  4. The DBS themselves
  5. Branches of the UK police, local to the applicant’s 5-year address history.

The actual checking takes place with organisations 4 & 5, but 1 to 3 also play an important role in facilitating the check and handling the applicant’s personal data, so we’ll cover the different parties’ duties here in this article.

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Who Conducts DBS Checks? The Applicant’s Employer

In almost all cases, the DBS check process begins with the applicant’s employer requesting a check for their staff. This is because individuals cannot apply for Standard or Enhanced checks for themselves, it can only be done by an organisation.

The majority of employers will require the services of an Umbrella Body to process the applications, but more on them later.

Who Conducts DBS Checks? The Applicant

The applicant is responsible for providing all the information and personal data that the DBS requires in order to conduct the check. This will include ID to prove identity.

Who Conducts DBS Checks? The Umbrella Body

When an employer applies for DBS checks for their staff, they must use an Umbrella Body to process the applications. The Umbrella Body is a registered organisation with a direct link to the DBS – like us, here at Aaron’s Department.

We provide all the infrastructure allowing employers to create and moderate applications and payments, and we also conduct our own checks on the details included within each application.

By doing this, we can minimise the chances of errors on application forms – mistakes and discrepancies can cause the application to be rejected without refund by the DBS, wasting everyone’s time and money.

Who Conducts DBS Checks? The DBS

Once the application has been processed by the Umbrella Body, it arrives with the DBS – the Disclosure and Barring Service. This is where the criminal background checks are actually conducted.

The DBS is a specialist team of civil servants whose job it is to help employers in England, Wales, Mann, and the Channel Islands to make safer recruitment decisions by providing the criminal records of applicants.

The DBS search for the applicant on the PNC – Police National Computer – the UK’s criminal record database. They will also search for the applicant on one or both of the Barred Lists, if this has been requested by the employer.

Who Conducts DBS Checks? The Local Police

Finally, in the case of Enhanced DBS checks, the branches of the police force that preside over the applicant’s 5-year address history will search their own databases. They can choose to include any extra information they hold that they deem relevant to the applicant’s role/position.

For more information about the local police checks, click here to read our article.

FAQ: Who Conducts DBS Checks?

Who Conducts DBS Checks? Summary

In summary, the DBS and the police are responsible for conducting DBS checks. However, there are other organisations involved in the process that handle applicants’ personal data, such as the applicant’s employer, and the Umbrella Body.

If you’re looking for DBS checks for your staff, that’s a service we provide! Aaron’s Department is, after all, an Umbrella Body. Have a browse of our website for more information, or get in touch at contact@aaronsdepartment.com – we’ll get right back to you.

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