FAQ: Who Needs A Basic DBS Check?

Basic DBS checks are not legally required for any role or reason, so technically, nobody needs them. And yet, we process hundreds every week. So who needs a Basic DBS check? And what are they using it for?

FAQ: Who Needs A Basic DBS Check?

Why Are Basic Checks Not A Legal Requirement?

Of the three levels of DBS check, Basics reveal the least information about an individual’s criminal record. All the roles that legally require a DBS check need an Enhanced! This means that Basic checks are essentially optional, and are used for employment purposes at the discretion of the employer.

(Standard DBS checks are the tier between Basic and Enhanced. Standard checks are also never legally required, but they can only be requested in highly specific circumstances. We don’t have to worry about those in this FAQ article, though.)

Very Quick – What Exactly Does A Basic DBS Check Disclose?

Basic DBS checks disclose any unspent convictions the applicant has on their criminal record.

What Sort Of Roles Commonly Use A Basic DBS Check?

Since Basic checks are optional, why would employers spend their time and money on them?

There are a lot of roles where employers, clients, and colleagues would appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having background checks performed on staff.

For example, we see a lot of airport staff getting Basic checks with us. Another good example is agency staff who will be going to work with other organisations. The agency’s clients will be reassured that an unfamiliar temporary worker has been properly background checked – and the agency can use this as a selling point. We have quite a few customers who do this.

FAQ: Who Needs A Basic DBS Check?

Getting A Basic DBS Check For Personal Use

If you would like to apply for a Basic DBS check for any reason other than employment, this can be done online using the government’s website. You can visit it by clicking here.

Summary: Who Needs A Basic DBS Check?

Nobody needs a Basic DBS, legally speaking, but many employers require one as part of their recruitment process.

Having background checks performed on staff can give employers and their customers’ peace of mind. It’s also a good selling point for agencies looking to find their employees work at other organisations.

Need Basic DBS Checks For Your Staff?

If you need Basic DBS checks for your staff, Aaron’s Department offers a fast, reliable online service backed up by our fantastic in-house experts!

If you want to get started, just click the button below to register your organisation! And if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below, or give our team a call on 0113 877 0171.

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FAQ: Who Needs A Basic DBS Check?

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