How Does An Employer Check a DBS?

Introduction – How Does an employer check a DBS?

Once a DBS application has been completed, it is essential that an employer thoroughly checks the DBS Certificate. By incorrectly doing this, or rushing it, there is a risk of allowing someone to illegally perform a job role, which can have disastrous consequences! So, how does an employer check a DBS certificate?

How does an employer check a DBS?

Once an applicant has had their DBS check completed, it is posted to their current home address. They must then bring it to the employer, who must see the physical certificate before allowing the individual to start work.

What is on a DBS Certificate?

When reviewing the DBS certificate, employers should pay attention to specific disclosure details:

Spent and Unspent Convictions: Depending on the level of the check, certain spent convictions may be disclosed. Employers should assess whether these are relevant to the job role.

Cautions and Warnings: Any formal cautions or warnings received by the employee will be listed. Again, evaluate their relevance to the job.

Additional Information: Sometimes, local police forces may provide extra information that could affect the decision to hire the employee.

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What Should An Employer Do With The Certificate Information?

The information on the DBS Certificate should be used by an employer to determine whether the applicant is suitable for the role they have applied for.

For example, imagine if someone applied to be an accountant, but had a previous conviction of fraud. Could employing the individual cause potential harm to the business, or its clients? I’ll let you answer that!

DBS Certificate – Barred Lists

The result of the Barred List check, for Vulnerable Adults and/or Children (if requested), is arguably one of the most important pieces of information on the DBS Certificate.

If the applicant is Barred from working with a vulnerable group, it means they cannot work with them, under any circumstance. It is illegal for an employer to hire someone to perform a role that includes Regulated Activity if the employee is Barred from working with the group.

It is also illegal for an applicant to apply to work with a vulnerable group if they are barred from working with them.

Summary – How Does an Employer Check A DBS Certificate?

An employer must physically see the applicant’s DBS Certificate, and look at any spent/unspent convictions, warnings, and reprimands. It is also important to check if the applicant is barred from working with any vulnerable groups to avoid putting others (and the business) at risk!

Employers can the use the information shown on the DBS Certificate to help make a recruitment decision.

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