Top 5 DBS Check Misconceptions 2024

What Are The Most Common DBS Check Misconceptions?

There are plenty of DBS check misconceptions out there, and one of the most common we see is that DBS Checks expire after 3 years. But what else have you heard about DBS Checks that may not be true?

This guide will take you through five of the most common DBS Check misconceptions and provide you with the latest DBS information to help clear up any confusion.

You Can Pass Or Fail A DBS CheckDBS Check Misconception

One misconception is that you either pass or fail a DBS Check. This is not true. There is no “failing” a DBS check as it is part of a vetting process to show if someone has a criminal record, be it a caution, warning or convictions.

With that in mind, you also cannot ‘pass’ a DBS check, as it is not an exam, but rather provides guidance to employers about the individual’s criminal history.

If the check returns with a criminal history, the employer should always consider the seriousness of a crime(s), and if it would affect the safety of other employees, customers, or put private information at risk.

But there is no pass or fail result returned with a DBS check. We have an in-depth article about whether you can fail a DBS Check that you can read here. Can You Fail A DBS Check?

DBS Check misconceptions

A DBS Check ExpiresDBS Check Misconception

Another common DBS Check misconception is that a DBS Check expires. Despite a fresh DBS check usually being carried out when a person joins a new company, DBS Checks do not actually expire.

Companies and employers instead have to decide if enough time has passed for a new DBS check to be needed (unless one is legally needed).

A DBS check should be viewed as a snapshot in time of the person’s history up to the date the certificate was printed. We have another, longer article that talks about how long a check is valid for that you may want to read. How Long is a DBS Check valid for?

Our useful graphic below also helps to debunk the misconception that DBS Checks expire.

do dbs checks expire?

A Criminal Record Stops You From Getting A JobDBS Check Misconception

This is another one of the most common DBS Check misconceptions, a criminal record stops you from getting a job. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, but The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 states that anyone with a criminal record must have a fair chance when they apply for a role.

There are exceptions to this. For example, when the offence is something to do with children or Vulnerable Adults, and the role applied for is caring for, teaching or just being in contact with children or vulnerable adults. In this case, then the applicant would be deemed unsuitable – especially when they are undertaking Regulated Activity with them. For more information on this, you can read about the Barred List and what it entails. DBS Barred List – What You Need To Know

A DBS Check Is Only Required When Working With ChildrenDBS Check Misconception

A very common DBS check misconception, DBS Checks are not just for people working with children, If you are working with children or Vulnerable Adults, you will need the highest level of DBS check, an Enhanced DBS check, but other roles may also require you to undergo a DBS check such as Locksmith, taxi driver or even a waitress. It depends upon the requirements of the company.

DBS Check Misconceptions

You Can Apply For Any Level of DBS CheckDBS Check Misconception

Another one of the most common DBS Check misconceptions is that you can apply for any level of DBS check for your staff, no matter whether they are eligible.

This can be a dangerous misconception and costly. As if an applicant is not eligible for the level of check undertaken, the DBS can reject the application without refund.

Here at Aaron’s Department, our countersignatories are trained in making sure you get the right check, and will help guide you through the application. We don’t like rejections here at Aaron’s Department.

ConclusionDBS Check Misconceptions

To conclude, although these are just some of the most common DBS check misconceptions out there, there are many companies who find the idea of carrying out DBS Checks daunting.

Here at Aaron’s Department, we try to clear up DBS check misconceptions for you and make the application process as easy as possible.

If you are looking to obtain DBS Checks for your staff, you can register for free below, book a demonstration or call us on 0113 877 0171 or today.

DBS Check misconceptions

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