Why Is My DBS Stuck At Stage 5?

Introduction – Why Is My DBS Stuck At Stage 5?

If you’re wondering, “Why is my DBS stuck at Stage 5?” you’re not alone. Many individuals experience delays in the processing of their Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates, especially when it comes to the final stages.
In this article, we’ll explore the common reasons behind these delays and what you can do to navigate them effectively, we will also explain about the difference between a DBS check stuck at Stage 5 and a certificate getting lost in the post.

What Is Stage 5 Of A DBS Check?

Stage 5 of a DBS Check is, DBS certificate printed. All the information to be disclosed on the DBS certificate is printed under highly secure procedures, and posted to the applicant’s current address, as provided on their DBS application. The applicant will then need to show their DBS certificate to the employer who requested the DBS check.

why is my dbs check stuck at stage 5

Understanding DBS Processing Times

Before looking at the reasons for delays, let’s first understand the typical processing times for a DBS check. The duration can vary based on factors such as the type of check and the complexity of the applicant’s background. For instance, DBS checks for applicants with extensive address histories may take longer to complete.

For detailed information on the current time that it is taking DBS checks to be completed, we’ve linked a separate article here that you may find useful: How Long Are DBS Checks Taking?

Identifying Common Causes of Delay

“Why is my DBS stuck at Stage 5?” There could be several reasons:

  • Incorrect Applicant Details: Simple errors such as misspelled names, undisclosed name changes, or inaccurate address histories can significantly delay processing. It’s crucial for applicants to carefully review and verify the information provided to avoid such setbacks.

  • Issues with Local Police Authorities: Delays often occur when the application reaches local police authorities. This can be due to backlogs in processing, or the discovery of convictions requiring further investigation. Many Enhanced DBS checks experience a delay at Stage 4, you can read more about this in our informative article, Why Is My DBS Check Stuck At Stage 4?

  • Random Inspections and Further Checks: As part of quality control measures, a percentage of DBS checks undergo random inspections and additional scrutiny. These extra checks are important to uphold the DBS’s standards, but can extend the processing time for customers.

  • Lost Certificate: If you have not received your DBS Certificate and the tracking shows that it has been despatched, then your DBS certificate may have been lost in transit. If this happens, you first have to wait 14 days to make sure that the certificate is not just delayed in the post, and then if the certificate has still not been received, a DBS reprint can be requested.
Why is my dbs check stuck at stage 5

Summary: Why Is My DBS Stuck At Stage 5?

In conclusion, to answer the question, “Why is my DBS stuck at Stage 5” if your DBS check seems to be stuck at Stage 5, commonly, it might be due to either a delay in processing the certificate or the possibility of a lost certificate. Delays in processing can occur for various reasons, such as errors in applicant details or issues with local police authorities. Additionally, lost certificates may occur if the document gets misplaced during transit.

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