Childminder DBS Checks – 2023

Childminder DBS checks are an important part of the safeguarding process in the UK. Childminders are required by law to have an Enhanced DBS Check, as they are essential for anyone working with children in a caring capacity to ensure the safeguarding of children.

As the job involves working directly with children, on a regular basis (Defined by the DDBS as any more than 3 days of contact within 30 days), an Enhanced DBS Check with a Children’s Barred List Check will be required.

Only those who are not barred from working with children will be able to work as a childminder.

Childminder DBS checks, by Aaron's Department

What Does an Enhanced Childminder DBS Check Show?

Enhanced DBS checks for Childminders will show a history of all spent and unspent convictions, final warnings and reprimands are all shown on Enhanced DBS Checks. Additionally, any information that local police consider relevant is also included.

If the person has any of these, they will show up on the certificate.

What Does the Children’s Barred List Show?

The Children’s Barred List shows whether an individual is banned from working with children. If they are, then they cannot legally work with children.

As you can imagine, this is an important part of Childminder DBS Checks – an Enhanced check alone won’t be enough, a Children’s Barred List check must be included!

Getting an Enhanced DBS Check for a Self-employed Childminder

Only organisations and employers can request the level of DBS required to work as a childminder – so what should you do if you’re self-employed?

In this case, it’s possible to request a DBS for childminders from Ofsted. As the regulatory body in the UK for childcare and education, they will facilitate Childminder DBS checks for self-employed workers – for a price. We’ll link to their online application portal here.

Childminder DBS Checks, Available at Aaron’s Department

Getting childminder DBS checks with Aaron’s Department couldn’t be simpler. Our easy-to-use, online DBS checking service allows you to get your staff to work faster than ever before.

The benefits of using Aaron’s Department for your Childminder DBS Checks:

  • Low-cost Enhanced DBS check admin fees, starting from £6.26.
  • Our error-proof system identifies mistakes in real-time, giving users the chance to fix them – incorrect details can lead to the DBS rejecting applications, so we’ve designed a system to avoid that happening!
  • Free DBS fast-track: every check we receive before 4pm on a weekday is checked, countersigned, and sent on to the DBS the very same day. The faster we do that, the faster you get your check back.
  • Our 3-step, registration process is fast and free – you could have your Enhanced DBS results within hours of signing up.
  • Knowledgeable & experienced customer support.

If these are perks you’d like to take advantage of, simply click the buttons below to register and get started. Or, if you have any more questions, ask away at or +44 113 877 0171. We’re always happy to help.

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