Do Exam Invigilators Need A DBS?

Do exam invigilators need a DBS? Due to their close contact with children, exam invigilators will require an Enhanced DBS check with Children’s Barred List.

Do Exam Invigilators Need A DBS?

Do Exam Invigilators Need A DBS? – Getting An Enhanced Check

In order to get Enhanced checks for your invigilators, you’ll require the services of an Umbrella Body – such as Aaron’s Department. We facilitate DBS check applications, as it’s impossible to apply for an Enhanced check directly from the government.

With us, you can get your exam invigilator DBS checks via a streamlined, online, error-proof system. They’re affordable, and we fast-track every check, so they’re quick too. Check out our Enhanced DBS check page for more info.

Do Exam Invigilators Need A DBS? – The 3-Month Rule

Exam Invigilators are often caught out by the “3-month DBS rule”, as it’s known. According to the Department For Education, any member of staff who stops working at a school for over 3 months requires a new DBS check upon returning to work.

This is an expensive hassle, arranging and paying for new checks for invigilators. Thankfully, there are some easy workarounds, which you can find in our FAQ post about the 3-month rule.

Do Exam Invigilators Need A DBS?

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