What DBS Check Do I Need For Cabin Crew?

While working on aeroplanes as a member of the cabin crew is certainly a high-trust job, this role is only eligible for a Basic level DBS check.

What DBS Check Do I Need For Cabin Crew: Is A Basic Check Necessary?

The only DBS checks that are required by law or by regulatory bodies are Standard and Enhanced checks. Because cabin crew are only eligible for Basic checks, they are not legally required to undergo any level of DBS check.

That doesn’t mean getting your cabin crew Basic checks isn’t a good idea, however.

What DBS Check Do I Need For Cabin Crew?

What Do Basic DBS Checks Show?

Basic DBS checks show all of the applicant’s unspent convictions and cautions, and as an employer, you are legally permitted to make employment decisions based on the information disclosed – as long as your decision can be justified.

This means that Basic DBS checks are a great way to screen candidates for your cabin crew roles.

Where Can I Get Basic DBS Checks For Cabin Crew?

You’re almost there already! Aaron’s Department offers, fast, hassle-free, and affordable Basic DBS checks for employers. Visit our Basic DBS check page for more info, or get in touch at contact@aaronsdepartment.com if you’ve got any queries. We look forward to hearing from you!

What DBS Check Do I Need For Cabin Crew?

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What DBS Check Do I Need For Cabin Crew?

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